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New and Used Kia Avella for Sale Philippines 2017

Kia Avella for sale Philippines | Kia Avella price Philippines | Blue Kia Avella


Looking for an inexpensive, basic, yet reliable vehicle that offers good fuel economy and easy maneuvering? If you said yes to all three, then the Kia Avella is definitely the car for you. Many say that the Kia Avella is too "basic" for our time, but we think it deserves more credit than what it’s getting. Yes, it may not be loaded with high-tech features, turbo-charged engines, and attention-grabbing design like some other cars in the market today, but try to go back to the 1990s and really compare it to other cars in its time. You'll find that the Avella's 0-60 acceleration time was actually good (if not, better) than some of the sports cars back then. What’s more, it's also 8-10 seconds better in acceleration time compared to most of the famous sedans during that decade.

The Avella, which is actually a version of the Ford Festiva sold in Korea from 1994-2000, was actually a made-up portmanteau word that combines aveo (Latin word that means "desire") and ella (Spanish word for "she"). It was designed by Mazda, and uses Ford's structural body as its platform. The second generation Festiva was a joint collaboration between Kia and Ford. While it still retained most of the previous model's drivetrain, this new model had a slightly wider, longer, and more aerodynamic design. It was then that Ford renamed it as Ford Aspire in North America, while Kia, renamed it "Kia Avella" for its South Korean market. Available in sedan as Avella Delta, it also offered three-door and five-door hatchback body styles. The Kia Avella sedan version was exclusively sold in South Korea. The Avella was discontinued in 1999 and completely stopped production in 2000. It was replaced by the Kia Rio. However, it's still actively sold as a 2nd hand Kia Avella in the Philippines even today, and many are mostly imported from second-hand surplus car dealers in Korea. This is why you may have seen second hand Kia Avella models at a far later year than 1999. Many think that they’re buying a 2007 Avella car, but they’re actually buying a 1996-2000 year model.

The Kia Avella Philippines is often used as a taxi, and is quite popular in key cities like Cebu and Davao. Extremely affordable, many Filipino drivers praise it for its good engine and reliable performance, even surpassing that of Kia Pride.



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3 stars

Kia Avella overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
3 stars


Kia Avella Review in the Philippines

Kia Avella Specs and Performance

The Kia Avella was actually the first South Korean car in its class to offer ABS brakes and dual airbags. It also came with 13" wheels plus other features like door impact beams, side airbags, heated rear glass, and a four speaker stereo. The standard Avellas had 73 PS engines (same as the Mazda B3), whicle its higher spec versions both were available in SOHC and the more robust DOHC versions. However, the DOHC version was only used in the four-door Avella Delta. Overall, the performance is quite adequate – for a used car,

Kia Avella Fuel Consumption

This car offers good fuel economy compared to other cars in the same class. In fact, its EPA ratings were among the highest back then. It has good low-end power that makes driving traffic around the Metro tolerable--if not easier.

Second hand Kia Avella fuel consumption:

  • Kia Avella 1997: 7.7 l/100km
  • Kia Avella 1996: 6.7 l/100km
  • Kia Avella 1995: 6.7 l/100km
  • Kia Avella 1994: 6.4 l/100km


Kia Avella Features

Kia Avella Convenience and Entertainment Features

The Avella has a firm grip on the road. It's also quite comfortable, with the seating contoured for four (or probably five). The doors, mirrors, and windows, are manually-operated, but you could get extra features for an added cost. Some of the most useful are the air conditioner, defogger, and rear hatch wiper. Handling may be its weakest point when compared to more expensive cars, but it's quite tolerable when compared to other cars in its class.

  • Cassette Player
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Entertainment Features
  • Power locks (Optional)
  • CD Player (Optional)
  • Power-Assisted Steering (Optional)


Kia Avella Safety Features

You won't find a lot of safety features in Avella except for the driver and front passenger airbags plus safety belts.

  • Anti-Lock Brakes (Optional)
  • Head Airbags
  • Side Airbags


Kia Avella Design

Kia Avella Interior

The Kia Avella was only equipped with standard interior features, although it certainly did make up for it by making the front seat's leg room spacious. However, we'd like to warn you that the rear seats are not as roomy, so only short-to-medium adults, or three small children, can fit in them (with a bit of discomfort, we may add).

  • Bench Front Seat
  • Remote Releases Hatches
  • A Driver's Footrest
  • A Tachometer
  • Split-Folding Rear Seat
  • Cup Holders


Kia Avella Exterior

The Kia Avella was available in sedan, three-door, and five door hatchback body styles. The most famous was the sedan, since South Koreans were more into sedans instead of hatchbacks during that time. Its most dominant style is the oval domed top and round sides. You can easily see semblances of Ford, especially in its front view and low + wide stance.

  • Front Mud Flaps
  • Rear Window Defroster (Optional)
  • Window Wipers (Optional)
  • Intermitted Wipers (Optional)
  • Spoiler
  • Dimming Interior Mirror (Optional)


Kia Avella Color Options

The Kia Avella’s offers standard color options that include the following:

  • Aqua
  • Black
  • Brilliant Blue Metallic
  • Green Metallic
  • White
  • Hot Red


Kia Avella Price List in the Philippines

Carmudi Philippines has a plethora of new and 2nd hand Kia Avella for sale from different years listed on its website. You will surely find the right used Avella for sale that suits your budget and personal preferences. Here are the prices found at Carmudi Philippines:

New Kia Avella in the Philippines

  • Kia Avella 2016 price in the Philippines: n/a
  • Kia Avella 2015 price in the Philippines: n/a


Second Hand Kia Avella Price in the Philippines

  • Kia Avella 2008 price in the Philippines: P115,000
  • Kia Avella 2007 price in the Philippines: P100,000
  • Kia Avella 2006 price in the Philippines: P100,000
  • Kia Avella 2005price in the Philippines: P105,000
  • Kia Avella 2004 price in the Philippines: P125,000
  • Kia Avella 2003 price in the Philippines: P88,000


Kia Avella latest offers in the Philippines


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