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Inspection Service

Just like having your own Mechanic.

Look for the Inspected Badge on selected listings on Carmudi and get an in-depth report about the vehicle covering its interior, exterior, underbody, underchassis.
With Carmudi Inspection, you'll always be confident in the car you wish to purchase.


Check if the ad you're interested in has an Inspected badge

Search and Download the Inspection report in our database

Bring your report when you view the vehicle!


With our multipoint-inspection ensuring that all sections of the vehicle--from interior to underchassis--have been checked,you can make a fully-informed decision on whether you want to proceed with your vehicle purchase.Simply read our report and evaluate if the vehicle’s health fits your driving and safety preferences.


Ensure that the vehicle you’re interested in is safe enough for you and everybody else on the road. Our reports indicate if all critical safety features in your vehicle pass our inspector’s standards. A recommendation by our inspector per feature is offered as well.


Don’t get shocked by additional costs you might incur after you buy your vehicle. With our report, you get recommendations on what parts of your vehicle might need repair or replacement—before you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Car Buyer

  • Can I request for an inspection report for a vehicle that hasn’t been inspected yet?
    • Unfortunately not immediately, but you may coordinate with the seller of the vehicle and ask them if you can get their permission to have their vehicle inspected. If the seller agrees to have the vehicle inspected, you may request for our service via the form below.
  • How do I request for an inspection?
    • You may do so by filling in the Inspection request form at the bottom of this page
  • Can I get a copy of the report that was done?
    • Yes, if you requested for the inspection we may send you a PDF copy. You may also search for the report in our database search.
  • Do I have to be with the mechanic when they do the inspection?
    • Your presence is not required, but we will inform you if the inspection has been scheduled and conducted and when a report is available.
  • Which cars have been inspected on your site?
    • The cars which have been inspected in Carmudi are those who have an "Inspected" badge. simply look for this badge on the cars you are currently viewing on our site.
  • Why should I check if the vehicle I’m interested in is inspected?
    • Our Inspection reports provide a comprehensive and in-depth view on all working parts of the vehicle and provide recommendations on whether to repair or replace these parts of the car. So if you miss anything while asking the seller, the report should cover these concerns. Hopefully our reports will help you make an informed decision about that vehicle.


  • What sections of the vehicle does the inspection cover?
    • The following sections are covered by our inspection service: Exterior, Interior, Underhood, Underchassis, and Engine diagnostics.
  • How long does inspection take?
    • An inspection for a single vehicle takes around 1-3 hours.
  • How much does inspection cost?
    • Our inspection service starts at Php 2,000 per vehicle inspected.

Car Dealer

  • Why should I get my vehicle inspected?
    • Vehicle inspections are free for our Pro Plan Dealers. If you are not a Pro Plan dealer and want to avail of this service, you may contact any of our account managers.
  • How many of my vehicles can undergo inspection?
    • As many as you can pay for. For Pro Plan Dealers, they have an allotment of free inspections during their contract.
  • Do I get a copy of the inspection report for my vehicle?
    • Yes, we will send a copy to you soon after the inspection or you may search for the report in our database.
  • Do I need to bring my vehicle to Carmudi to get it inspected?
    • No, our inspectors can visit where your vehicle is located. We wwill
  • How can I request for an inspection for one of my vehicles?
    • You may contact your Carmudi account managers or send us an inquiry at
  • If I'm a car dealer who is posting on Carmudi, do I get to have my vehicles inspected?
    • Vehicle inspections are free for our Pro Plan Dealers. If you are not a Pro Plan dealer and want to avail of this service, you may contact any of our account officers.
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