Atoy Customs adds Tiny House Trailer to its offerings

Atoy Customs Tiny House Trailer

Atoy Customs has launched its latest product that will help customers enjoy the outdoors: the Tiny House Trailers.


  • Where did Atoy Llave get the inspiration from the Tiny House Trailers?

    He got the idea after binge-watching videos during the early part of the pandemic.
  • How much is the Atoy Customs Tiny House Trailers?

    One unit of this trailer, which will be for retail soon, will cost P1.5 million.
  • Claiming to be the first in the country that locally produces these productsAtoy Customs founder Atoy Llave said that he was inspired to start the project through the Tiny House lifestyle videos that he was able to watch during the early part of the pandemic. 

    Atoy Customs Tiny House Trailer

    The company — who was involved in the development of the Salamander Amphibious Tricycle, and We Lift PWD Transportation Services — began the project with a vision to produce a new line that is made for and crafted by Filipinos.

    According to Llave, this new product was tailored to fit the family-centered, hospitable inclinations of the Filipino people.

    Atoy Customs Tiny House Trailer

    Every detail is purposefully-designed to give that authentic trailer experience, thanks to its features that include the following:  

    • Light-weight, waterproof, one-piece fiberglass panel construction,
    • LifeSmart home automation system Japan-imported interior finishing
    • Bunk bed, sofa bed, and convertible king-sized dinette (fits five comfortably)
    • Two-horsepower air-conditioning unit
    • Full toilet and bath
    • Retractable, electric canopy
    • eight-ply tires for maximum load capacity 14 x 7 x 7 ft. interior

    Atoy Customs Tiny House Trailer

    “Through the Tiny House Trailer, Atoy Customs aims to provide thrill-seeking customers with the means to create memorable adventures, anywhere from their backyards to deep into nature,” Llave said.

    Further, Tiny House Trailer will be available for retail soon and is priced at P1.5 million.

    Atoy Customs Tiny House Trailer

    Llave shared that an initial 10 will soon be seen to a scenic, outdoor location, to be made available as fun and quirky vacation rentals.

    Moreover, Atoy Customs bared plans of turning vans into recreational vehicles as well that also integrates comfort and adventure into an authentic home-on-wheels setup — similar to the Tiny House Trailer. 

    Photos from Atoy Customs

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