Clean cabin air every time with Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt Airpure 1.0

While the availability of a vaccine against the dreaded Covid-19 is still post imminent danger, it is only right that we invest to safeguard our health. German aftermarket brand Blaupunkt—best known for in-car entertainment and dashcam systems—now offers to the market their in-car air purifier.

Designed in collaboration with German health experts, the Blauplunkt AirPure AP 1.0 was engineered to reduce the risk of inhaling harmful substances floating within your car’s cabin via a three-step filtration system.

A plug-and-play device, the cylindrical shaped filter from Blaupunkt comes with a replacement filter and  a cable that connects the machine to your car’s USB port/lighter charger. This gadget can fit into your vehicle’s cupholders.

Blaupunkt Airpure 1.0

Aside from its filters, the Blauplunkt AirPure AP 1.0 also has an ultraviolet lamp that turns on when the machine is activated. It serves to stop the growth of airborne bacteria, while the filter whirs along to suck in everything it can.

To freshen up the interior, users of the Blauplunkt AirPure AP 1.0 can opt of adding a few drops of essential oils, too.

The AirPure AP 1.0 works to improve the air you breathe. For details, PM Blaupunkt PH at or BlaupunktCarEntertainmentPH or call 0917-5078186. Blaupunkt products are also available at BLAUPUNKT’s online store in Lazada PH and

Photos from Blaupunkt Philippines

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