MRT-3 Lifts Ban on Liquids--but Passengers Need to Test Them in Front of Security First

Good news to everyone who like to carry liquids with volume capacity of more than 100 milliliters inside train stations: the MRT-3 management has lifted the ban on liquid items on the condition that they test it out in front of the security first.

This means commuters have to drink the water, spray on the perfume, and rub the lotion, alcohol, or toiletry in front of MRT-3's security personnel before they're allowed to carry them inside.

The management also added that commuters can claim their confiscated liquid items from their Station Control Room. All they need is to present their ID for verification to the supervisor.

"We are reminding passengers that they may retrieve confiscated items since the implementation of the liquid ban in our Station Control Room at the station where these were confiscated," according to MRT's statement.

"Alleged Bomb Threat"

The liquid ban was implemented by MRT's management after an alleged bomb threat was received last January 9. These included bottled drinks and other liquid substances, which can be used as ingredients in making a liquid bomb.

According to their transportation department, nitroglycerin is a clear yet highly-explosive liquid that can easily be hidden in travel containers like shampoo or lotion bottles, so only less than 100 ml of liquid are allowed inside the station.

"Nitroglycerin is oily and clear, so if it is poured in an opaque lotion bottle, no one would know what is inside. Because it is clear and oily, nitroglycerin would be easy to conceal in lotion or shampoo bottles. Nitroglycerin's inherent instability would make this bottle very dangerous for you to carry around," it added.

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