Rolls-Royce Paints Its Ghost Elegance Model with Crushed Diamonds

Side view of Ghost Elegance

There are many things you can do with your money. Some people donate it to charity, pay for their child's tuition, buy food for the entire week--or ask Rolls-Royce to crush no fewer than 1,000 diamonds and mix it with their car's paint.

Yes, such is the life of the rich and famous, and Rolls-Royce is there to make all their car fetishes come true with its latest creation: The Ghost Elegance model.

Made for an anonymous owner which, according to Rolls Royce, "exudes unapologetic luxury and grandeur," the Ghost Elegance is actually a bespoke model that's taken to a whole new level by adding crushed diamonds to thepaint.

Named "Diamond Stardust," the dark gray paint actually looks quite ordinary, if not for the small diamond particles embedded on it.

Diamond particles on the paint @

According to the company, it took a lot of extensive testing to make sure that the stones will not lose their luster when added to the paint. In fact, they spent two months just examining the dimensions of the diamonds to get the results they wanted.

"The density and strength of the diamonds created a challenge for the team to produce an easy marriage with the clear paint and its ability to spread gracefully over a surface, leaving the diamonds undetectable to the touch," said Rolls-Royce in a statement.

In the end, its team was able to create a fine diamond powder that it mixed in with the paint. It also developed a new paint process that prevented the diamond particles from getting damaged during hand polishing by adding a thin layer of lacquer on the surface.

The company made sure that the luxury and elegance of the exteriors also extend to its interiors.  The passenger and driver areas are divided by upholstery and trim, which can be seen in old luxury vehicles. The rear seats are made from Selby Grey soft leather that's finished off with Mugello Red stitches. And the best feature of them all? The open-pore Tudor Oak veneer and clock on the dashboard.

Interrior of Ghost Elegance @

Rolls-Royce remains mum about the engine, but we assume that it's a 6.6-liter V-12 that comes with every Ghost model. We also think that it uses an eight-speed automatic transmission, with a top speed of 155 mph (249 kph).

The luxury car giant won't reveal the exact price of the vehicle, since it's a customized model. However, the price of a Bespoke model usually costs around $300,000 in retail price. Of course the Ghost Elegance will be more expensive than that, since it used a thousand diamonds to create the paint. Whatever the case, we can always trust Rolls-Royce to create "flamboyant luxury" at its finest.

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