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Rolls-Royce Values Privacy as much as Luxury

Rolls-Royce is a premium luxury car brand that has crazy, rich clients. This British carmaker needs to live up to its well-known luxurious standards in order to please its clients. As such, Rolls-Royce has come up with a new feature that values privacy as much as luxury. Say hello to the Electrochromatic Glass, a new technology developed by Rolls-Royce to safeguard the privacy of rear passengers.

This feature allows front and rear cabins to be visually separated at the touch of a button. The crazy, rich rear passenger has the option to see through the glass or to make it opaque, which prevents the driver and front passenger/s from seeing what’s going on behind them. Rolls-Royce used a Phantom to show how this tech works and looks like.

Well, you might say that it’s just like the usual thing you see in grand limousines but, Rolls-Royce says the Electrochromatic Glass is integrated with sound absorption tech. Yes, it’s like a see no evil, hear no evil kind of thing. Rolls-Royce claims a frequency-specific compound “inhibits the transmission of conversations in the rear cabin to the front cabin.” There’s an intercom system to give rear passenger/s the liberty to communicate with the front cabin. On the other hand, the driver can call the rear occupants, however, the crazy, rich passenger can choose to answer or reject the call.

In addition, getting stuck in traffic wouldn’t be a problem as this Rolls-Royce Phantom features a theater entertainment system. The said entertainment system comes with two 12-inch monitors with HDMI capability.

Rolls-Royce debuts the bespoke Phantom with Electrochromatic Glass at the 2018 Chengdu Motor Show in China–a fitting venue to let the crazy, rich Asians view the car.

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