Store Employees in Argentina Prank Illegally Parked Car with Style

If you’re one to think of parking lots as your own personal garage rather than a space you share with plenty of other drivers, you better hope you don't come across employees like these ones from Argentina the next time you badly park your car in a commercial establishment.

Someone in Buenos Aires, Argentina parked their Peugeot 208 hatchback in the shopping cart section of a local Coto supermarket, a popular Latin American store chain. Disgruntled employees made sure the driver was well aware of his or her mistake and will never park that way again by drowning the car in shopping carts.

Another customer, Arnold Angelini, saw the employees dishing out their own brand of justice. Angelini later took pictures of the end result and posted it on Facebook. The post has since gone viral.

Angelini's post comes with a ranting caption in Spanish that expresses his approval of the dastardly deed while admonishing the car owner for his or her inconsiderate act.

Facebook provides this rough translation: "The truth that you have to be very stupid to park car in the sector ... You can't be so (SOB) and leave it where you want... Applause for the employees who left him locked up the car."

The Philippines has its own share of serial illegal parkers, but lucky for them, Filipinos practice a little more restraint in serving personal justice in such instances. Hopefully, this Argentinian example doesn't give our irritated fellowmen some ideas.

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