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Force India Havaianas

Sahara Force India has taken a page off of the McLaren F1 Team‘s marketing playbook as “the original flip-flop brand” Havaianas has been tapped as a sponsor, with the brand’s logo on the ‘halo’ cockpit protection equipment of its Force India VJM11 race car, making it look like the strap …


McLaren Gandys Halo

The McLaren F1 team has found a company that will puts its name on the ‘halo’ cockpit protection equipment of its McLaren MCL33 race car, and it’s a company that started with flip-flops, or tsinelas as they’re known in the local parlance. Lifestyle brand Gandys supposedly started with a single …


Valtteri Bottas

A couple of weeks from now and the 2018 Formula 1 season kicks off with the Australian Grand Prix at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in, well, Melbourne, Australia. As is typical every season, changes are made to the cars as per regulations and for the 2018 season, one of …