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Team TOTAL Jacq Buncio Des Buncio

Doubling the fun in the Superbikes Cup, champion racer Jacquelyn Buncio is now joined by sister Maria Lourdes, making for an even more exciting Superbikes Cup 2018. All in the family The interest in motorbikes and racing definitely runs in the Buncio family as the Buncio patriarch, Gregorio “Yoyong” Buncio …


Jacq Buncio - Total Hi-Perf

Last October 2016, Jacquelyn “Jacq” Buncio became the first female and the youngest motorcycle racer to win the 2016 Philippine Pirelli Suberbike Championship–a surprising feat since she only has a few years of racing experience under her belt. But then again, as the younger sister of the late local superbike legend …