A practical car with a punchy engine

Abarth 595

The Abarth 595 is a very attractive hatchback that is sure to please with you with its consistent performance and swift handling. The overall design is quite appealing on the outside and is bound to steal a few gazes on the road. However, the same is not the case inside as the cabin looks quite dull and does not feature advanced tech as well. The best part about this hatchback is its punchy turbocharged engine that pairs well with the easy-going clutch to make everyday driving easier for you. The steering has a nice feedback, so you will love driving this hatchback on winding roads.


Nathanie Thursday Mar 2, 2023 08:49:48

Rating of Abarth 595

4.4 /5

Based on 8 Customer Reviews

Abarth 595 Owner Reviews


Based on 8 Customer Reviews
Abarth 595 Reviews

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