Modern pick-ups have extended their life’s mission,even giving passenger cars a run for their money when it comes to comfort and convenience.

Here are the bestselling pickup trucks that embodies the mixture of rough-neck utility and luxury that makes them such popular vehicles today.


The Strada knows how to ooze with grit. Interestingly, its soft suspension makes rides feel more “refined” and almost “car-like”– something that contradicts its rough, exterior persona.


The D-Max has a no-nonsense, workhorse attitude that makes the word “workaholic” sound like a relaxing, meditative retreat in Bali. It can adjust decently well to more refined settings and at the same time it really shines in situations where brute strength and toughness are needed.


The newest Toyota Hilux is still built like the intimidating beast it’s meant to be. It remains consistent in its robust design, with good safety features, excellent front visibility, and a more efficient engine.


Now with better comfort, handling, and faster steering response, the Navara is also tougher outside–thanks to its fully-boxed ladder frame.


The Ranger promises better safety features, greater maneuverability, and a beefier power-train. There’s that smooth ride and great towing and hauling capacities that it’s quite known for.