6 Reasons why the EcoSport is Trending | FORD ECOSPORT TREND A/T

I won’t blame you if you haven’t noticed how the number Ford EcoSports have been rising each and every year. Maybe its size makes it highly inconspicuous and the overall design doesn’t really scream for outright attention.

The EcoSport seems to have become the choice of many individuals for its superb qualities, and I’ve learned recently that some companies have made it the car of choice for executives with car plans because of the price point and the practicality.

I tried out the Black Edition of the Trend A/T and found six great features that will make more and more people love this trim of the Ford EcoSport.

1. Compact size

Coming in at only 4,245 millimeters long and 2,057 millimeters wide, the EcoSport is nothing short, pardon the pun, of compact. From the outside, it seems terribly small – maybe even cartoonish, but when it comes to drivability and handling in the city, not many can match what it offers.

The whole package may not seem like much, but it does fit five persons handily and its even okay to take on out-of-town trips as the boot can fit bags good for a couple of nights.

Its biggest benefit though is the small size that’s perfect to take through narrow streets in Metro Manila or to maneuver into pint-sized parking spaces.

2. Crossover form

That it’s a crossover is probably one of best things about the EcoSport. As such, it is designed to indulge your adventurous side while being equipped to handle potholes and sudden changes in the road conditions like flash floods.

With a 550-millimeter wading depth and a 200-millimeter ground clearance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can get home through rising floodwater, or at least be able to take on a steep decline to the basement parking without scratching the undercarriage.

3. Fuel efficiency

Ford has been at the forefront of innovative engineering with new small-displacement engines that produce a decent amount of power with reduced emissions. The 1.5-liter Ti-VCT on the Trend puts out 108hp and 142Nm of torque, and is mated to the clutch-less Powershift six-speed transmission of the Detroit automaker. After six days of spirited driving both in the city and the highway, I averaged 8.7 kilometers per liter.


Sure, there’s plenty of competition on the way with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but never forget who started it all.

After debuting in 2007 with Version 1, which had its own shortcomings, Ford SYNC’s Version 3 is a joy to use. Simply pair your mobile device via Bluetooth. Not only can you take and make calls hands-free, but just say the word and it will scour through your music library, read you back your messages, and even adjust the fan and temperature settings. What else can you say?

5. Once you go Black…

All of the above you can find even on the average Trend; you get more with the Titanium trim, and a lot less with the Ambiente model.

What you’ll miss out on are all the fine appointments that come with the Black Edition and, sure, these are all just aesthetic enhancements but that’s why you buy the Nike from the mall instead of Divisoria, right? You want to look good.

The Black Edition comes with black-painted side mirrors, black-painted front bumper grille, blacked-out headlamps, a really nice roof cross bar, rear spoiler, sports pedals, illuminated scuff plates, rear parking sensors, and those gorgeous Titanium Black Edition wheels.

6. Price

And then there’s the price.

At below P1 million, P898,000 to be exact, and with all these features, this EcoSport is definitely a steal. You get SUV-like qualities (such as a tall ride that gives you a commanding view of the road), a fuel-efficient engine that’s kind to the environment even if you often push it to the limit, modern tech to keep you entertained in traffic without distracting you from the road ahead, plus exterior and interior features that add to the vehicle’s value while also improving the total look.

These all come in a compact form that’s easy to drive, park and maneuver all over Metro Manila. These EcoSports are all over Metro Manila and people are picking them for a reason. If you’re in the market, but with a small budget and ridiculously high standards, you may see that the Ford 1.5-liter Trend A/T Black Edition ticks most of the boxes on your list.

Oh, the EcoSport sold 10,010 units in 2016, up about 13 percent from the previous year. Now that you’ve been so informed, you surely need to spend less time on social media and get with the trend.


Positives: Size and capability.

Negatives: Needs to boost reputation for reliability.