If a plain, naturally aspirated engine just doesn’t cut it anymore and instead of kilometers per liter, you now yearn for more kilometers per hour with every drop of fuel, Ford’s Focus lineup may just have the car you’re looking for.

Compact and turbocharged, the Focus with EcoBoost is positioned to satisfy your need for more power and responsiveness with equal or even reduced fuel consumption when compared with similar or larger displacement engines. The Focus 1.5L Sport with EcoBoost, is entry level. Tech- and turbo-equipped and priced at just P1.088 million, let’s you and I see if this seeming steal is really a great deal.


With an exterior that appears almost Fiesta-like, the Focus redefines what compact means. Even with increased length and a longer wheelbase compared to its predecessor, the hatchback is still shorter by almost 300 millimeters than other models in its segment. Short and low to the ground, the Focus comes with slender styling thanks to numerous subtle lines and curves along the body – characteristics that make it appealing as an urban vehicle.

If there’s one thing the Focus isn’t, it’s plain.


Always in the forefront of innovative auto technology, Ford endowed this base-model Focus enough to give it a major leg up over the competition. Up front, the Active Grille Shutter acts like an ordinary grille by allowing airflow to cool the radiator and the engine compartment, but what makes it cutting-edge is its ability to close the shutters when cooling isn’t required in order to reroute the air out and around the body to increase fuel and aerodynamic efficiency.

Rookie drivers will greatly benefit from the vehicle’s Torque Vectoring Control. Brakes are applied to the wheel on the inside of corners, while more torque is sent to the outside wheel for better grip and to improve traction. It may sound like a lot of auto mumbo-jumbo but in a nutshell, control of the Focus and handling around bends are enhanced to make the drive so much better and safer.

As an automatic, inclines shouldn’t be a problem but just for added peace of mind, Ford also made Hill Launch Assist standard on the Focus.


Leather on the seats seems intentionally aged, like the ones you see on high-end luxury leather goods, and it somehow blended well with the cabin’s setup. Seats are firm and comfortable in a rugged sort of way, and are probably among the best in the category in terms of getting you in the proper driving position.

With numerous amount of tech and safety features, including the proprietary SYNC system and Bluetooth, the dashboard occupies a wide amount of space from the windscreen. It uses soft-touch materials and employs driver-centric design – making it feel like a plane’s cockpit. It does, however, eat up a considerable amount of space in the cabin, which makes seating snug for five.


The crowning jewel of the Focus is its 1.5L GTDi (Gasoline Turbo Direct injection) EcoBoost engine, mated to a new six-speed automatic transmission. One of the benefits of EcoBoost is readily available low-end power and torque that makes the Focus so much more reactive – shooting off much quicker from standstill.

Its 177hp and 240Nm of torque aren’t typically impressive numbers, but engineered into a vehicle this size, the driving experience is simply magnificent. Opportunities to get along in traffic become more available and, more importantly, possible; while dull moments in the thick of heavy congestion are more palatable with moments of “vroom-vroom” from that fun and responsive little engine.


Unlike other competitors, this turbocharged EcoBoost engine is available in any of the four Focus trims. Lower models may fall short of a few exterior features, some interior amenities, and certain driver-assistance systems but its essence remains the same.

As all driving-related mechanical features come standard, you won’t need to take a second mortgage on the house to raise the down payment and feel the benefits of the EcoBoost engine, plus the sublime driving experience.

In spite of the traffic, pure, no-holding-back city driving for four days returned 7.6 km/l and every drop was worth it. If you want the people’s power right at your fingertips, you don’t have to look beyond the Ford Focus 1.5L Sport with EcoBoost.


Positives: Lovely engine

Negatives: Compact cabin