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Saloon cars in the Philippines

Ford Focus

Saloon cars refer to vehicles that can seat four to five passengers, have two or four doors, and have a cargo or storage area at the back. On average, they are 4500 to 4900 mm long depending on the market they are sold in.

The term "saloon" is used primarily by the British car market, but in North America this car make is more popularly known as a sedan. This car category is subdivided further depending on the body make of the car, its length, and features.

Different subcategories of the saloon

  • Full-size luxury refers to premium large cars which are often equipped with the most powerful (up to 12-cylinder) engines in the saloon category. Example: Audi A8
  • Full size Audi A8 considered as the largest affordable saloons or sedans in the North American market. In terms of length they can be longer than 4900 mm long. Example: Dodge Charger
  • Midsize luxury are the upscaled full-size saloons with luxurious features. They also refer to some of the largest hatchbacks in this category. Example: Peugeot 607
  • Midsize are also called large family or medium cars as they can comfortably seat five adults and have a large trunk at the back. Example: Hyundai Sonata
  • Sports saloon these are a group of high-performance saloons. They are generally used for touring, rally races and other motorsports events. They too are equipped with more powerful engines. Example: BMW M5
  • Compact executive these are mostly made up of luxury compact vehicles that have smaller rear seat room and trunk space. Their overall size is also smaller than the mid-size saloon. Example: Audi A4
  • Hyundai Accent

Market price range

Saloons are priced comparatively lower than larger vehicles such as Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and older models are also cheaper when compared to the newer conceptualized subcompact category cars. Carmudi’s database reveals that some of our used saloons have prices below P100,000.

Brand new entry level luxury sedans are tagged at P2,000,000 and above. Some of the most expensive cars are also in this category. A second hand Lamborghini Murcielago 2004, for instance, has a whooping P15 million price tag.

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