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Listing your used car for sale in Philippines was always a tough process. But not anymore! If you are done with your old car and planning to sell it, all you need to provide us is information about you and your used car. We at Carmudi will provide you the best-in-market price for your used car from 100% genuine buyers.It is an online process so you don't have to worry about geographical constraints, you can sell your used car from anywhere in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use Carmudi Philippines for selling my used car?

    Selling your used car on Carmudi Philippines is quite an easy process. You are just required to add specifications of your car, proper images, your contact no, city, and expected price. Your car’s listing will be published just after the verification. It is important that the details you add are correct to maintain trust of the viewers. Also, it is advised to add high-resolution images for a proper view of your car.

  • Any registration process to follow?

    We have focused on keeping the listing process simple and you don’t require to follow any registration process. Just add the details while listing your car and your listing is good to go. All the queries from the interested viewers will be shown via your dedicated account.

  • Can I edit images of my car after posting an ad?

    Yes, you always have the right to add/replace/remove any image of your car after the listing.

  • Any charges involved for listing or selling my used car through Carmudi Philippines?

    No, the entire process is absolutely free. Be rest assured, not a single ₱ will be charged for your listing.

  • Can I edit my listing once it goes live?

    Yes, you can edit your listing anytime. You just have to log-in to your account and make the required changes.

  • How much time is required to take the used car listing live?

    Usually, the process requires 24 hours to take the used car listing live on Carmudi Philippines.

  • How to edit my personal details after listing my used car?

    Just log-in to your account and you will be able to edit your personal details like name, contact number, and address.

  • How to delete the listing of my used car after it is sold?

    You just need to log-in to your account and click on delete the listing.

  • What should be the correct price of my used car?

    We do have our price calculator to give you the best quote for your car. You can also set your own price, it is advised to check the range of cars with similar characteristics and then put your quote. Putting pricing above the average may not gain you more queries.

  • How to get the best quotes for my used cars?

    To get the best quotes for your car, it is important that the viewer gets to know the maximum about your car from the listing. Putting clear shots, describing service history, specifying any particular issue, and putting a reasonable quote will help you get better offers. Once the buyers are genuinely impressed with your used car, the probability of getting better quotes increases.

  • How will interested buyers contact me?

    Your used car listing also highlights your contact details. The interested buyers can contact you on details mentioned through clicking “Call This Seller”. It is important that you always verify the details you mention while listing.

  • I have not received any offers after listing the car, what should I do now?

    Listings with the most accurate information, competitive quotes, high-resolution images tend to get a higher number of queries. You can always check other listings and figure out where you can improve to get the attention of the interested buyers.

  • How to check if the interested buyer is not a fraud?

    Always ask for the Philippine Identification Card of the interested buyer to verify details. Also, it is recommended that you don’t hand over the cars or papers without completing all the formalities. Make sure to not leave any amount for settlement post-delivery.

  • How to avoid any fraud while buying a used car?

    It is always recommended to check the car thoroughly for any issues. If possible, ask an expert to inspect the car for you to get the correct report. Always ensure to check ownership papers, insurance validity, service booklet, loan NOC if any, and seller id to be on the safe ground.

  • What are the benefits of listing my car on Carmudi Philippines?

    Carmudi Philippines is one of the biggest attention seekers for interest buyers. With more than 10,000 potential used car buyers visiting the portal daily, chances of getting your car being noticed increases exponentially.

  • What documents do I need to sell my used car?

    The essential one includes - ownership document, vehicle registration, insurance paper, car tax invoice, Philippine Identification Card, and loan NOC. The list may add more if necessary.

  • My used car still possesses outstanding finance, can I still sell it?

    Yes, you can sell your used car that has outstanding finance. The outstanding amount would be transferred to the car’s new owner.

  • When is the best time to sell my used car?

    When you decide to upgrade to a new one or when you realize the existing option is not serving the purpose. However, the price of your used car highly depends on the condition, age and clean paperwork.

  • How to prepare my used car for selling?

    Priority should be to fix all the existing issues. Get your car serviced, check all the fluids and engine oil. Click some nice photos with appropriate angles, and you are all set to list your car.

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