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New and Used Kia Pregio for Sale Philippines 2017

Kia Pregio for sale Philippines | Kia Pregio price Philippines | Grey Kia Pregio


Practical, simple, and reliable, this van is great for business owners or individuals who deal with a lot of cargo and deliveries on their day-to-day business. People who love the outdoors also use them when they go camping, and with such a spacious interior, there's more than enough camping gear to provide them with everything they need to survive the great outdoors.

The Kia Pregio offers a 2.7 liter engine that runs on diesel. This makes it a highly-economical car to use, since diesel runs cheaper than gasoline. However, the slight drawback is that the engine can get a bit loud from time to time, especially when it reaches the 100 kph mark and up. Whatever the case, we think it's a small price to pay for a car that can save you so much on your daily expenses. This becomes even truer for start-up businesses, where every peso counts. 

The Kia Pregio is a rear-wheel drive minivan and minibus that's patterned after the Kia Bongo. Manufactured by the Kia Motors from 1995-2006, it was known as Kia Besta in most markets, with the long-wheelbase version named the Kia Pregio Grand. In 2003, the Pregio received a large facelift on the first model, although Kia decided to drop it in 2006 due to low sales and demand.




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Kia Pregio Review in the Philippines

Kia Pregio Specs and Performance

Kia Pregio is a functional and extremely reliable van on the road. During its inception, it started with a 4-cylinder, 2.7 diesel engine with 61.9 k W of powerand a torque of 172 Nm. This was the standard engine feature, and this continued until 2006. During its existence, the Pregio also came with a standard 5-speed transmission that made driving an easy experience. Slide doors use sliding technology that allows easy stepping in and out of the car and also helps avoid obstructions.

Kia Pregio Fuel Consumption

Below is a list of some popular Kia Pregio years and their fuel consumption rates:

New Kia Pregio fuel consumption:

  • Kia Pregio 2016: n/a
  • Kia Pregio 2015: n/a
  • Kia Pregio 2014: n/a
  • Kia Pregio 2013: n/a

Second hand Kia Pregio fuel consumption:

  • Kia Pregio 2006: 9 l/100km
  • Kia Pregio 2005: 8.8 l/100km
  • Kia Pregio 2001: 7 l/100km
  • Kia Pregio 2000: n/a


Kia Pregio Features

Kia Pregio Convenience and Entertainment Features

The overall engine of Kia Pregio is quite good, although it was not clearly the best in its class. It also runs on diesel, which means that it can hold its own and carry a pretty massive cargo without even flinching.

  • Air conditioner
  • CD player
  • Power steering
  • Power windows
  • Remote central locking
  • Lined cargo area


Kia Pregio Safety Features

Safety features for the Kia Pregio are quite basic although more than enough to satisfy the basic needs of passengers and drivers alike. Some of its safety features include the following:

  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Control Panel
  • Seatbelts
  • Traction control
  • Airbags
  • Tensioner


Kia Pregio Design

Kia Pregio Interior

The Kia Pregio offers a smooth and comfortable drive, with easy maneuverability that's quite good, coming from a large van. Navigation makes it easy to look for the nearest important points, although they're not as accurate when used for farther locations.  Whatever the case, you can enjoy these features:

  • Steering Wheel Adjust
  • Urethane Steering wheel
  • Manual seat adjustment
  • Fabric seats
  • Overhead cam
  • Engine Start Locks


Kia Pregio Exterior

The Kia Pregio looks simple, and true to its form, everything on the outside is there to perform one basic function: to serve the needs of its passengers and drivers. While it’s not flashy and extremely attractive, its down-to-earth charm makes it quite unique on its own. Other features to look for include the following:

  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Control Panel
  • Seatbelts
  • Traction control
  • Removable load barrier
  • Wheelbase options


Kia Pregio Color Options

Despite being discontinued, there are still used Kia Pregio vans that offer the following colors:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Beige
  • Silver
  • White


Kia Pregio Price List in the Philippines

A used Kia can be bought for P200,000 to P300,000, depending on its general condition and mileage. Below are the average prices of Kia Pregio units:

Used Kia Pregio Price in the Philippines

  • Kia Pregio 2016 price in the Philippines: n/a
  • Kia Pregio 2015 price in the Philippines: n/a


Second Hand Kia Pregio Price in the Philippines

  • Kia Pregio 2005 price in the Philippines: P220,000
  • Kia Pregio 2002 price in the Philippines: P130,000
  • Kia Pregio 2001 price in the Philippines: P200,000
  • Kia Pregio 2000 price in the Philippines: P250,000


Kia Pregio latest offers in the Philippines


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