Car Insurance Articles

Why Was My Car Insurance Cancelled?

Car insurance can serve a lot of purposes, but ultimately, it is your protection against financial difficulties for the repairs,...

Margarett Escano Jul 21, 2017
Top 5 Common Myths About Car Insurance

For new car owners, researching information about car insurance is a vital step before you step foot in your car....

Margarett Escano Jul 21, 2017
Pros and Cons of Increasing Car Insurance Coverage

Statistics show that automobile sales continue to rise in the Philippines, which means that the chances of drivers being involved...

Margarett Escano Jul 21, 2017
Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance FAQs

If you’re a new car owner, there may still be some questions at the back of your mind that you...

Margarett Escano Jul 21, 2017
Why Should You Get Car Insurance?

You may have heard or seen several road accidents in the news of late. Whether taken by CCTVs or dash...

Margarett Escano Jul 21, 2017
Questions to Ask Car Insurance Companies

Having car insurance is important not only because it is mandatory in the Philippines, but it can also provide you...

Margarett Escano Jul 21, 2017
Car Insurance Terms Explained

Congratulations, you’ve bought your first car! So… what’s next? Getting a car is a big responsibility, and with it comes...

Margarett Escano Jul 21, 2017
Third Party Insurance VS. Comprehensive Car Insurance

Long time car owners know that buying a new car is not as simple as paying and driving off into...

Cherryl Anne Cruz Jul 21, 2017
How Can Credit Score Affect Your Car Insurance Rate?

Everyone knows you need good credit when it comes to taking out a home mortgage, a loan, or even your...

Wilbert Tan Jul 21, 2017
"Act of God" Car Insurance Coverage Explained

## What is an Act of God? “Acts of God”, also known as “AOG”, “Acts of Nature” or “AOG coverage”,...

Cherryl Anne Cruz Jul 21, 2017
Car Insurance for Newlyweds- Combining Policies

Congratulations on your decision to get married! Now that the wedding bells have rung, you’re probably in the midst of...

Wilbert Tan Jul 21, 2017
What Car Insurance Should I Get if I Have Two Cars

Car insurance is a contract between you and an insurance provider. Generally, the process involves paying a certain amount of...

Cherryl Anne Cruz Jul 21, 2017
Is My Address Making My Car Insurance Expensive?

You may not realize this, but car premium prices can differ a lot depending on where you are in the...

Cherryl Anne Cruz Jul 21, 2017
Car Insurance Companies Philippines & What They Offer

A decade ago, the Philippine National Police released a report about road accidents in the country. According to them, an...

Cherryl Anne Cruz Jul 21, 2017
Car Insurance Questions Answered

Confused about car insurance? Got any car insurance questions that you would like to have answered? Carmudi has prepared some...

Wilbert Tan Jul 21, 2017
Things to Remember When Choosing Cheaper Car Insurance

Before anything else, allow us to admit that cheap car insurance remains low on our “Most Favorite” list. We still...

Wilbert Tan Jul 21, 2017
Everything You Need to Know About GAP Insurance

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance helps protect you financially in case you owe more than your car’s worth at the...

Cherryl Anne Cruz Jul 21, 2017
What You Should Know About Used Car Insurance

Just as it is with the purchase price, a car’s insurance rates is largely affected by its age. When you’re...

Wilbert Tan Jul 21, 2017
How to Resolve a Dispute with Your Insurance Company

Even if you’re a careful driver, there’s always the possibility of a car accident happening to you. In the event...

Wilbert Tan Jul 21, 2017
The Different Levels of Car Insurance in the Philippines

Having car insurance has become more of a necessity than a luxury these days. In fact, it’s one of the...

Cherryl Anne Cruz Jul 21, 2017

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