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New and Used Mitsubishi Space Gear for Sale Philippines 2018

Mitsubishi Space Gear for sale Philippines | Mitsubishi Space Gear price Philippines | Blue Mitsubishi Space Gear


The Mitsubishi Space Gear (also known as the Delica or L400 in other markets) is a range of minivans built by Mitsubishi from 1997 to 2007. The Space Gear is actually the name given to the fourth-generation Delica, which has been part of the Mitsubishi lineup since 1968. The Space Gear is no longer produced by Mitsubishi. The Japanese carmaker ceased the production of the vehicle in 2007, and as such, the only Space Gears your will find are those sold by used cars for sale dealerships.

The Mitsubishi Space Gear was the very definition of a brawny, go-anywhere camper-slash-leisure vehicle that came in numerous trims including XR, XG, Exceed, Super Exceed, and Royal Exceed. The body also came in two different wheelbases, one standard and the other one extended. Unlike any other MPVs in its class, the 4x4 versions of the Space Gear offered capable off-road features, with differential locking and the ability to select high- and low- ratios for its four-wheel drive system. All these qualities ensure that for all former Space Gear owners, the Mitsubishi MPV is one vehicle that will be sorely missed.



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Mitsubishi Space Gear Review in the Philippines

Mitsubishi Space Gear Specs and Performance

The Mitsubishi Space Gear went through six different engine types during its lifespan. The last version used a 2.4 in-line 4, single overhead camshaft 16-valve engine that delivered 128 horsepower and 206 Nm of torque. This particular Mitsubishi Space Gear engine could accelerate from 0-100 kph in 16 seconds and reach a top speed of 170 kph. The Mitsubishi Space Gear suspension uses a double wishbone with stabilizer bar at the front and a 5-link coil spring system with stabilizer at the rear. 

The Space Gear is based on the engine and transmission of the Mitsubishi Pajero, but unlike the SUV, the Space Gear has a monocoque construction and doesn’t have a separate chassis. Owing to the vehicle’s popularity and influence, South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has readily admitted that the Space Gear was the inspiration for their popular minivan, the Starex.

Mitsubishi Space Gear Fuel Consumption

More than its sturdy build, the Mitsubishi Space Gear also had fuel economy going for it. Below is a list of Mitsubishi Space Gear years and fuel consumption rates:

New Mitsubishi Space Gear fuel consumption:

  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2016: n/a
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2015: n/a
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2014: n/a
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2013: n/a

Second hand Mitsubishi Space Gear fuel consumption:

  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2012: n/a
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2007: 13.5 l/100km average rating
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2002: 18.5 l/100km average rating
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2000: 18.0 l/100km average rating


Mitsubishi Space Gear Features

Mitsubishi Space Gear Convenience and Entertainment Features

A very versatile interior is one of the Space Gear’s main selling points, with seating that can be adjusted to fit eight persons max. A full-time AWD feature gives 4x4 versions decent off-roading capabilities. As for dealer options, the Mitsubishi Space Gear came with some really nifty ones that included:

  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • In-dash DVD/CD/MP3 player with 4 speakers
  • Keyless entry with alarm
  • Auto start
  • Fog lamps
  • Titanium finish control panel


Mitsubishi Space Gear Safety Features

During its heyday, the safety features installed on the Mitsubishi Space Gear were considered top of the line. Standard safety features for the vehicle are listed below:

  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Ventilated front disc brakes
  • Drum-type rear brakes
  • Child-Proof Locks on Sliding Doors
  • Side Impact Beams



Mitsubishi Space Gear Design

Mitsubishi Space Gear Interior

The Space Gear’s interior is noticeably larger in comparison to most of the vehicles in its segment, with decent headroom and legroom. High driving position offers drivers a great view of the road, and well-positioned controls mean the driver can keep his eyes affixed to where it should be without fidgeting for the right control settings. Basic features for the vehicle include:

  • Fabric-covered seats
  • Cassette player
  • VCD/DVD player with overhead monitor
  • Manual air conditioning
  • Analog clock
  • Multi-information display


Mitsubishi Space Gear Exterior

A popular family minivan option during its time, the Mitsubishi Space Gear certainly contained a lot of exterior features that made it appealing to family men and weekend warriors alike. A chrome grille, body-colored bumpers and an aerodynamic body add a touch of sleekness to what is originally meant to be a sporty vehicle. Plenty of features impart the vehicle with some high-tech sensibilities, such as:

  • Door sash black-out
  • Antenna printed on glass
  • Halogen multi-reflector quad lamps
  • Jewel-style rear combination lamps
  • Side marker lights
  • Aero-look five-spoke alloy wheels


Mitsubishi Space Gear Color Options

The Mitsubishi Space Gear went through many color sets during its lifespan, even coming in many two-toned iterations. The model’s most popular colors include:

  • Diamond Black Mica
  • Cool Silver Metallic
  • Eiger Gray Metallic
  • Warm White Pearl


Mitsubishi Space Gear Price List in the Philippines

Although the Mitsubishi Space Gear nameplate hasn’t been around since 2007, second hand Mitsubishi Space Gear models still remain a popular choice for those looking for a quality but affordable family car. Average costs for the used Mitsubishi Space Gear units in the country can be found below. You may find these great 2nd hand Mitsubishi Space Gear browsing Carmudi’s listings:

New Mitsubishi Space Gear Price in the Philippines

  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2016 price in the Philippines: n/a
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2015 price in the Philippines: n/a
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2014 price in the Philippines: n/a
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2005 price in the Philippines: P330,000


Second Hand Mitsubishi Space Gear Price in the Philippines

  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2004 price in the Philippines: P295,000
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 2003 price in the Philippines: P255,000
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 1998 price in the Philippines: P258,000
  • Mitsubishi Space Gear 1996 price in the Philippines: P270,000


Mitsubishi Space Gear latest offers in the Philippines


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