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New and Used Isuzu Elf for Sale Philippines

Isuzu Elf for sale Philippines | Isuzu Elf price Philippines | Isuzu Elf truck

The Isuzu Elf, also known as the N-Series in other markets, is a line of light and medium duty trucks that has been in production since 1959. The Elf follows the standard cab or crew cab body platform with a ladder type channel section.

The Elf nameplate extended to its sixth generation in 2006 for its Wide and High Cab models and in 2007 for its Regular Cab models. It is considered a commercial vehicle as it is usually owned by entrepreneurs or businesses to transport products, and has a fixed standard fuel tank installed at the side exterior.

The Isuzu Elf 2017 is a carryover from 2015, when a sleek new look, new grille design, and additional features such as fog lamps and automatic climate control were introduced. When these features will be incorporated into the Philippine-market Elf remains to be seen. Nevertheless, whether bought brand new or from a 2nd hand cars for sale seller, the Elf has earned a solid reputation as a hardworking vehicle.



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4.5 stars

Isuzu Elf overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
4.2 stars

Isuzu Elf Review in the Philippines

Isuzu Elf Specs and Performance

Isuzu’s popular commercial product line has two engine options: a 2.8 liter OHV, 4-cylinder, direct injection diesel engine which supplies 79 horsepower and 178 Nm of torque and a 4.6 liter of the same engine spurts 130 horsepower and 304 Nm of torque. The Isuzu Elf van’s suspension system is made up of semi-elliptical alloy steel leaf springs and hydraulic double-acting telescopic shock absorbers at the front and rear. When driven in highway conditions, this commercial vehicle can reach a top speed of 128 kilometers per hour (kph) for its NHR 55 E variant and has an average 0-100 kph acceleration in 17 to 19 seconds.

The latest iteration of the Isuzu Elf is available in four versions of different ton capacities, namely: NHR (3.8 tons), NKR (4.5 tons), NPR (6.5 tons), and NQR (8.5 tons).

Isuzu Elf Fuel Consumption

The Elf is a proven workhorse that has helped the country’s economy for decades. Its basic design emphasizes how much cargo it can carry. With a wide body frame to choose from, it redefines the word utility. Depending on its variant and body type, the Elf can have the following fuel efficiency ratings:

New Isuzu Elf fuel consumption:

  • Isuzu Elf 2017: TBA
  • Isuzu Elf 2016: 7.4 km/l average rating
  • Isuzu Elf 2015: 7.2 km/l average rating
  • Isuzu Elf 2014: 7.1 km/l average rating

Second hand Isuzu Elf fuel consumption:

  • Isuzu Elf 2013: 7.0 km/l average rating
  • Isuzu Elf 2011: 6.0 km/l average rating
  • Isuzu Elf 2009: 4.3 km/l average rating
  • Isuzu Elf 2007: 4.2 km/l average rating

Isuzu Elf Features

Isuzu Elf Convenience and Entertainment Features

The Isuzu Elf’s no-frills design makes it an all-around vehicle for most business operations that require moving objects from construction raw materials to manufactured products. Its instrument panel has multiple indicators such as an oil pressure warning lamp, a high beam indicator lamp, temperature gauge and parking brake, and a brake fluid level warning lamp. As for convenience, features on the commercial vehicle include:

  • Single in-dash CD tuner
  • 2-speaker system
  • Tilting/recirculating steering system
  • Vibration absorbing support pad for driver seat
  • Refreshed steering wheel design and seat trim
  • Air conditioner

Isuzu Elf Safety Features

The Isuzu Elf has upped the ante on safety features to ensure that theirs is the safest commercial vehicle of its size on the market. Basics include 3-point driver ELR seat belt, a 3-point ELR and center lap passenger side seat belt, and an anti-slip aluminum step. The new impressive safety features incorporated in the vehicle are are:

  • Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC)
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Electronic brakeforce distribution
  • Anti-slip regulatory system
  • Boost assist
  • Hill Start Assist

Isuzu Elf Design

Isuzu Elf Interior

The Elf was designed to be a veritable workhorse, so luxurious accoutrements are pretty much non-existent. The vehicle’s modest interior can seat up to three people and has very basic features such as:

  • Center console mounted cup holders
  • Fixed room mirror
  • Utility ashtray
  • Idling switch control
  • Assist grips for the driver and passenger
  • Glove box

Isuzu Elf Exterior

The Isuzu Elf has a body-on-frame construction (tilt cabin and monocoque for its cab) paired with a semi-elliptical leaf spring with telescopic shock absorbers in its front and rear suspension. Its utilitarian front fascia features a sleek new look which consists of updates such as a 6-hole radiator grille design in body paint color and new badging. Standard exterior features for the vehicle include:

  • Large 1-piece multi-reflector headlamps
  • Laminated green windshield
  • Multiple body cab options
  • Side mirrors
  • Windshield wipers
  • 75-100 liter fuel tank capacity

Isuzu Elf Color Options

The Philippine-market Isuzu Elf is available in just one color- arctic white. International market options however, offer more diversity:

  • Arctic White
  • Woodland Green
  • Ebony Black II
  • Wheatland Yellow
  • Cardinal Red
  • Dark Blue

Isuzu Elf Pros and Cons

Here are some Isuzu Elf advantages and disadvantages:

Isuzu Elf Pros

  • The Isuzu Elf holds a great value for money ratio and is considered a good investment.
  • The Isuzu Elf has earned a solid reputation as a hardworking and reliable vehicle.
  • The Isuzu Elf is a practical truck for most business operations and commercial purposes.
  • The Isuzu Elf is considered a fuel-efficient truck with above average fuel efficiency rates.

Isuzu Elf Cons

  • When compared to some rivals, the Isuzu Elf falls behind in terms of load capacity.
  • Some competitors in the same segment are easier to maintain than the Isuzu Elf.
  • While the hauling capability of the Isuzu Elf is acceptable, some rivals excel in this area.
  • The diesel engine equipped on the Elf is harsh and noisy, especially from the outside.

Isuzu Elf Price List in the Philippines

A used Isuzu Elf Dropside can range from P350,000 to P1,000,000 depending on the available truck’s year, weight and body type. Below are the average prices of popular new and second hand Isuzu Elf trucks for sale according to Carmudi's database:

New Isuzu Elf Price in the Philippines

  • Isuzu Elf 2017 price in the Philippines: P920,000
  • Isuzu Elf 2016 price in the Philippines: P870,000
  • Isuzu Elf 2015 price in the Philippines: P680,000
  • Isuzu Elf 2014 price in the Philippines: P610,000

Second Hand Isuzu Elf Price in the Philippines

  • Isuzu Elf 2012 price in the Philippines: P580,000
  • Isuzu Elf 2011 price in the Philippines: P450,000
  • Isuzu Elf 2010 price in the Philippines: P480,000
  • Isuzu Elf 2009 price in the Philippines: P750,000

Isuzu Elf latest offers in the Philippines

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