APL McLaren HySpeed gets 3 new colorways

apl x mclaren

McLaren and APL have added three new colorways to the HySpeed luxury sneakers.


  • What are the three new colorways of the APL McLaren HySpeed?

    The three new colorways of the APL McLaren HySpeed are Magenta/Pristine, Pristine/Tan/Midnight, and Black/White.
  • How much is the APL McLaren HySpeed?

    The APL McLaren HySpeed costs US$450 (P24,676).
  • Per the British automotive brand, the new colorways of the APL McLaren HySpeed are Magenta/Pristine, Pristine/Tan/Midnight, and Black/White.

    “Following the hugely positive reception of the first drop of APL McLaren HySpeed sneakers, we have collaborated with APL to introduce exciting new colorways to the collection inspired by the vibrancy, dynamics, and energy of our supercars. Both McLaren and APL are leaders in their fields and are committed to pushing the boundaries of design and technology for enhanced performance, which makes this collaboration such a perfect fit,” said McLaren Automotive Chief Sales and Marketing Officer George Biggs.

    The Magenta/Pristine is described as a colorway that mixes the “dynamic performance and driving characteristics” of McLaren cars. It is said to be an ode to the luxurious lifestyle of APL and McLaren.

    apl x mclaren 1

    On the other hand, the Pristine/Tan/Midnight colorway is said to be inspired by McLaren automobile interiors and the French Riviera.

    apl x mclaren 2

    Meanwhile, Black/White is said to be an updated, fresh new take on APL’s historical best-selling colorway.

    apl x mclaren 3

    “Deepening our collaboration with McLaren Automotive with the launch of our three new colors in the HySpeed is very exciting because the new colors show how versatile and exciting the collaboration can be, specifically with a special colorway such as the Pristine/Magenta ombré fade.

    “We were inspired by the ‘Wizards of Woking,’ and as an homage, we at APL created and applied unique mixtures of texture and color to the HySpeed for the newest release,” said APL Co-Founders Adam Goldston and Ryan Goldston.

    The 2023 APL McLaren HySpeed retails for US$450 (P24,676) and can be purchased at APL’s website or at APL’s Flagship Store Experience at The Grove in Los Angeles.

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