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Here are the Complete Results of the 2017 DOE-Petron Eco Run

A few days ago, we released the initial results of the 2017 Department of Energy (DOE)-Petron Eco Run, in which 52 vehicles–equally split between the diesel- and gasoline-powered ones–participated in, with the 2.0-liter SsangYong Rodius topping the former at 33.12 kilometers/liter (km/L) and the 1.3-liter Kia Picanto leading the latter at 29.23 km/L. We also mentioned that the DOE will release a complete list of all the cars that participated in the Eco Run along with their respective fuel consumption ratings which we will publish as soon as we receive it. Well, the DOE has finally released it and here are the results as written by the agency. 

“For the diesel entries, the Volkswagen Golf GTS was the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the sedan category with a fuel economy rating of 27.91 kilometers/liter (km/L). In the SUV category, the Ssangyong Rodius topped the list with a rating of 33.12 km/L

Toyota Innova had the highest rating of 21.60 km/L for the MPV category, while Mahindra Supro ranked the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the pickup category with a rating of 22.52 km/L.

For the gasoline entries, Kia Picanto posted the highest rating of 29.23 km/L for the sedan category, while the Honda BR-V with a rating of 22.22 km/L emerged the best in the SUV category. 

The Chevrolet Trax led the MPV category with a rating of 17.98 km/L, while the BAIC Freedom ranked the most fuel-efficient in the pickup category with a rating of 15.10 km/L.”

2017 DOE-Petron Eco Run

Perhaps as a matter of simplification, the DOE classified hatchback entries like the Kia Picanto and Chevrolet Spark as ‘sedans,’ but what we find slightly disconcerting is that it classified the SsangYong Rodius as an SUV when it is clearly an MPV. Is it because that’s what SsangYong Philippines calls it whereas everyone else, like SsangYong Ireland and SsangYong Germany and even local automotive sites, calls it an MPV? Also,  as you’ll find later at the bottom, what’s with the ‘Guest Vehicle Entries’ list?Did these vehicles join the Eco Run but their fuel efficiency rating isn’t to be taken seriously, or in the local parlance, saling-pusa, hence the blank spaces under the Engine Displacement column?

Anyway, you’ll find the complete results of the Eco Run below, arranged by the vehicles’ fuel economy rating and starting with the most fuel-efficient vehicle in its fuel-type on top. Perhaps you can base your future vehicle purchase here, what with the looming excise tax adjustment taking place next year.

1 Ssangyong Rodius SUV 1998 Automatic 33.12
2 Mini Countryman SUV 1998 Automatic 30.64
3 Volkswagen Golf GTS Sedan 1968 Automatic 27.91
4 Hyundai Accent Sedan 1591 Automatic 27.8
5 Peugeot 3008 SUV 1997 Automatic 25.39
6 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan 1968 Automatic 24.75
7 Honda CR-V SUV 1597 Automatic 23.96
8 Mahindra Supro Pickup 909 Manual 22.52
9 Ssangyong Tivoli XLV SUV 1597 Automatic 22.35
10 Toyota Innova MPV 2755 Automatic 21.6
11 Volvo V90 Cross Country  D4 SUV 1969 Automatic 21.4
12 Volvo S90 D4 Sedan 1969 Automatic 21.13
13 Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUV 2442 Manual 20.43
14 Suzuki Super Carry Pickup 793 Manual 19.19
15 Mitsubishi Strada Pickup 2442 Automatic 18.9
16 Isuzu MU-X SUV 2999 Automatic 18.23
17 Nissan Navara Pickup 2488 Automatic 17.8
18 Ford Everest SUV 2200 Automatic 17.62
19 Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUV 2442 Automatic 17.4
20 Ford Ranger Pickup 2200 Automatic 17.19
21 Isuzu D-Max Pickup 2999 Automatic 16.33
22 Ford Everest SUV 3200 Automatic 14.86
23 Foton Toplander EX/AT SUV 2800 Automatic 14.25
24 BAIC H5 Bayanihan MPV 1809 Manual 13.89
25 Nissan Urvan MPV 2488 Automatic 13.53
26 Hyundai Grand Starex Super Express MPV 2476 Manual 13.52
1 KIA Picanto Sedan 1248 Automatic 29.23
2 Toyota Vios Sedan 1496 Automatic 25.88
3 Toyota Wigo Sedan 998 Automatic 25.19
4 Suzuki Alto 800 Sedan 796 Manual 24.81
5 Honda City Sedan 1500 Automatic 23.91
6 Suzuki Swift Sedan 1197 Manual 23.27
7 Mazda Mazda 2 Sedan 1496 Automatic 22.82
8 Honda BR-V SUV 1500 Automatic 22.22
9 Suzuki Vitara SUV 1586 Automatic 20.57
10 Mazda CX5 SUV 1998 Automatic 20.22
11 Peugeot 2008 SUV 1199 Automatic 20.19
12 Subaru XV SUV 1995 Automatic 19.76
13 Hyundai Elantra Sedan 1591 Manual 19.69
14 Subaru Impreza Sedan 1995 Automatic 19.58
15 Nissan Almera Sedan 1498 Automatic 19.13
16 KIA Rio Sedan 1368 Automatic 19.02
17 Peugeot 5008 SUV 1199 Automatic 18.54
18 Chevrolet Trax MPV 1.4L Automatic 17.98
19 Ford Ecosport SUV 1500 Automatic 17.58
20 Peugeot 3008 SUV 1598 Automatic 16.84
21 Mazda CX9 SUV 2488 Automatic 12.92
22 BAIC H6 MPV 1794 Manual 12.86
23 Chevrolet Spark Sedan 1.4L Automatic 12.15
24 Hyundai Creta SUV 1591 Automatic 11.52
25 BAIC H6 MPV 1498 Manual 12.4
26 BAIC Freedom Pickup 1372 Manual 15.1
1 BMW 318D Sedan   AT 26.94
2 Toyota Prius 2017 Hybrid Sedan   Automatic 26.13
3 BMW X1 Sedan   AT 23.88
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  1. December 14, 2017 at 11:33 pm — Reply

    …”the BAIC Freedom ranked the most fuel-efficient in the pickup category with a rating of 15.10 km/L.”

    The BAIC Freedom is NOT the most fuel efficient in the pick up category according to the charts. The Mitsubishi Strada was at 18.9 km/L. Even the Nissan Navara (17.8 km/L), Ford Ranger (17.19 km/L) and Isuzu D-Max (16.33 km/L) beat the BAIC Freedom.

    Please be more careful in reporting the facts. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous
    March 20, 2018 at 8:18 am — Reply

    complete? but ive never seen any standard speed for that doe economy run nov 2017….

  3. Sammy
    July 8, 2018 at 6:35 pm — Reply

    I bought a Nissan Almera last month and I was disappointed with the fuel efficiency. It is even less than 10km/L. The Nissan Service in Iloilo can’t solve the problem cause they can’t even adjust the idle rpm that goes to 1000 rpm with AC on. Hysst… They are only telling that there has no problem with the car.
    Remaining KM in the car monitor are not accurate they said. And it’s computer based so they can’t do anything about it.
    Hope someone could help me on my problem.

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