Hyundai HD78 GT: ready to haul more loads

Hyundai HD78 GT

Hariphil Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI, formerly Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.) expressed firm belief that the HD78 GT can help businesses reach their maximum capacity.


  • What powers the Hyundai HD78 GT?

    The vehicle has a 2.9-liter turbocharged common rail direct-injected diesel engine
  • What are the Hyundai HD78 GT's three variants?

    The nameplate comes in medium wheelbase, long wheelbase, and extra-long wheel base options.
  • With a 7,800-kilogram gross vehicle weight and volume capacity of seven cubic meters ensures carrying a variety of heavy-haul equipment and industrial material. To add, its new wheelbase has a guaranteed load space of up to 15 feet (ft) for the medium wheelbase (MWB) variant, 18ft for the long wheelbase (LWB), and 19.5ft for the extra-long wheel base (ELWB).

    Hyundai HD78 GT

    The aforementioned carry capacity is complemented by the rigid, high-strength frame that can withstand heavy cargo and the most punishing road conditions.

    Making the truck offering highly-versatile is its power take-off (PTO) function that can provide energy to auxiliary equipment, like a hydraulic pump, generator, air compressor, pneumatic blower, or vacuum pump. The said function comes standard in the Hyundai HD78 GT.

    Hyundai HD78 GT

    Powering the vehicle is a 2.9-liter turbocharged common rail direct-injected diesel engine that can deliver a peak churn of as much as nearly 158 horsepower and a little over 392Nm of torque. Per HARI, the power mill has low fuel consumption and emits less carbon emissions.

    Hyundai HD78 GT

    Assuring the safety of the driver and passenger is the rust-proof, high-strength steel cab and frame that dissipates impact in the event of a crash.

    It also features anti-collision door beams that safeguards cargo while on the road.

    Further, the Hyundai HD78 GT now comes with an anti-lock braking system that guarantees brake force while maintaining the vehicle’s directional control, especially when on slippery roads.

    Hyundai HD78 GT

    Aside from versatility and safety, the vehicle also boasts car-like comfort.

    The Hyundai HD78 GT is fitted with amenities such as comfortable, adjustable ergonomic seats, an air-conditioning system, and ample storage areas for water bottles, maps, and hand sanitizers.

    Hyundai HD78 GT

    In addition, the Hyundai HD78 GT is packaged with a three-year or 200,000-kilometer warranty (whichever comes first) that helps reduce ownership costs (maintenance, repair, and parts replacement). Helping those who conduct the maintenance work is the cab that tilts up to 46 degrees, which could result in less downtime.

    Photos from Hariphil Asia Resources, Inc.

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