Hyundai introduces HD48 GT Modern PUV


To assist in the continuing modernization of our country’s public transportation, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), undertakes it journey as the official distributor of Hyundai commercial vehicles in the Philippines with the HD48 GT Modern PUV.

According to the local arm of the South Korean carmaker, the HD48 GT Modern PUV is expected to build on Hyundai’s success in the modernization of the transport sector.

HARI says that the HD48 GT Modern PUV has been duly certified as compliant by the Philippine National Standards (PNS) for shape, size, dimensions, and other stringent specifications to ensure safety, comfort, and reliability.

The HD48 GT Modern PUV will join HARI’s lineup of mass transport models including the Hyundai County, Hyundai Universe, and the Hyundai Super Aero City.

Powering the modern PUV is a 2.9-liter Euro 4-compliant turbocharged diesel mill and is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The PUV’s powertrain setup makes 158 horses and 392Nm of torque.


Like the reliable powerplant, its platform was also designed and engineered with Hyundai’s high-tensile steel. That said, the chassis framework of Hyundai’s modern PUV can withstand the twists and turns of punishing drives.


It can hold the weight of 33 people, 23 of which will be sitting (driver included), while eight to 10 of the passengers will be standing.


In addition, Hyundai equipped the HD48 GT Modern PUV with a load-sensing proportional valve (LSPV) and an automatic adjuster that adapts the braking force depending on vehicle load.

The HD48 GT Modern PUV will feature several enhancements to improve the country’s mass transport condition. The modern mover will have additional grab handles and rear stanchion, sliding windows, double walling and insulation, a roof-mounted air-conditioning system, and an electric door.


Other features include the Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS), CCTV, GPS tracker, a seven-inch monitor, LED signage, a WiFi module, and a programmable speed warning buzzer.


Drivers, operators, and owners will find that Hyundai’s modern PUV will be easier to work with thanks to its clearer headlights and taillights, redesigned side mirror brackets, redesigned fuel door, easy-access chute, and roof drip.


HARI says that the HD48 GT Modern PUV will come with a basic warranty: three years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. It will also come with a one-year (or 100,000 km) body warranty, a one-year (or 30,000 km) accessories warranty, and a one-year (or 500,000 km) air-conditioning system warranty.

The HD48 GT Modern PUV is priced at P2,402,000.

Photos from Hyundai

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