Hyundai PH rolls off Biyahenyo Caravan around Luzon

Hyundai Biyahenyo Caravan

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) recently kicked off its nationwide Biyahenyo Caravan, highlighting the Hyundai HD48 GT Modern public utility vehicle (PUV) around Luzon.


  • What is the Hyundai Biyahenyo Caravan?

    It is a dealership-based roadshow aimed to help transport entrepreneurs.
  • Where was the initial Hyundai Biyahenyo Caravan held?

    The initial leg was held around Luzon, particularly in its dealerships in Batangas City, Cabanatuan City, Commonwealth (Quezon City), and Baguio.
  • The company shared that the dealership-based roadshow’s initial leg took place at its dealerships in Batangas City, Cabanatuan City, Commonwealth (Quezon City), and Baguio. Some 40 transport groups joined the events, with HARI anticipating more as it conducts the succeeding Biyahenyo activities in other parts of the country.

    Hyundai Biyahenyo Caravan

    The Biyahenyo Caravan is targeted to provide updates and tips on how to spot opportunities, boost productivity and be successful and profitable transport “smartpreneurs.”

    Aside from that, participants were also given a first-hand experience of the key features and advantages of the HD48 GT Modern PUV.

    Hyundai Biyahenyo Caravan

    “Introduced last October 2021, the HD48 GT Modern PUV ramps up the success of the HD50S as a comfortable, high-performing, and safe shuttle, ideal for public transport use,” the company said in a statement, adding that it is built on the vehicle-maker’s “top-quality chassis system and complemented with a robust PUV design to revolutionize the Filipino public transportation experience.”

    HARI President and Chief Executive Officer Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo considered the initiative as “homage to the unsung heroes of the road.”

    “From past to present, the jeepney has been the backbone of urban and rural mobility. That is why we usher in the New Year warmly welcoming our partners from this very important sector. And not only welcoming them, but making true to our commitment to help them bounce back with the rest of the nation with new knowledge and the best tool to do so — the Hyundai Modern PUV,” Agudo was quoted as saying.

    Hyundai Biyahenyo Caravan

    The Korean marque’s local distributor said that it has also been pushing for the national agenda on PUV Modernization, with the introduction of a full modern PUV roster in compliance with the Philippine National Standards (PNS) of the Department of Transportation (DOTr).

    Since last year, the company sold more than 200 modern PUV units to various local transport cooperatives nationwide.

    Photos from Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.

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