Kia Charge stations to use green power from wind turbines


Kia’s EV charging network, Kia Charge, will now incorporate the use of power from renewable energy sources in the UK. The South Korean automotive brand has teamed up with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) to provide its customers with green charging solutions, on top of its involvement in Ionity.


  • Who will Kia work with in using green energy for its charging stations?

    Kia will work with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) to provide its customers with green charging solutions.
  • Where will Kia get the green energy?

    Kia gets its green energy from wind turbines.
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    “By pushing more green energy into the grid, we can increase the energy mix in favor of more sustainable sources. In time, we hope to be part of a wider network that can work directly with renewable energy suppliers that offer customers 100 percent green charging facilities. However, until there is absolutely no gray energy on the grid, this latest action is a firm step in the right direction,” said Kia Europe President Jason Jeong.

    Kia will determine the amount of energy used by European customers to charge their electric vehicles and purchase the equivalent number of megawatt-hours (MWh) through “Guarantee of Origin” (GO) certificates. In Kia’s case, the renewable energy comes from wind power, and DCS will use the GOs to feed the grid with more green energy which will then be used to power the charging stations.


    “DCS is a key driver in the future of sustainable mobility worldwide. By working with ‘GO’ certificates, we guarantee that 100 percent of the energy consumed during each charging process is fed back into the power grid as electricity from European wind turbines. That makes the demand for green electricity visible on the market and helps to pave the way for a more sustainable future,” said Digital Charging Solutions CEO Jörg Reimann.

    The Kia brand has undergone a significant transformation to become one of the brands that represent sustainability through its products, technologies, and services. Kia’s latest announcement to invest in green energy is a move to reduce the environmental concerns around the lifecycle of electric vehicles.

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