Kia reveals Euro-spec production version of Concept EV9 SUV


Kia revealed what could be the final, production version of its Concept EV9 all-electric SUV. Based on the pictures shown by the South Korean carmaker, the Concept EV9, should it retain the name once it starts production, will boast a stunning exterior profile with a visionary interior space.


  • Where will Kia first release the EV9 all-electric SUV?

    Kia has confirmed a production unit of the EV9 for the European market.
  • When will it be released?

    It will be released sometime next year.
  • At the front end is a modern fascia that represents the EV SUV’s forward-looking attitude. Dubbed the “Digital Tiger Face,” the new grille houses an intricate star cloud pattern display that is completely hidden behind the body panel of the Concept EV9 when not in use.


    The digital grille features sequential patterns that create a “welcome light.” They also work to appropriately position lights during driving. Flanking the new grille are vertical DRLs.

    Kia added that the production version of the EV9 electric SUV features a hood vent duct with a solar panel which helps the vehicle regain some of the electric energy when in use. That said, the EV9 will give owners an alternative source of energy when they are not close to a charging station.


    The side profile of the EV9 is highlighted by suicide doors that feature next-gen camera that replaces the traditional side mirrors. Atop are retractable roof rails that close inward into the roof of the Concept EV9 when not in use, creating smooth airflow over the vehicle. It also has a panoramic sky roof. Below are machined 22-inch wheels.


    At the rear are lights that mirror the vertical DRLs at the fore.

    Inside the unveiled production unit of the EV9 is a 27-inch ultra-wide display, ambient lighting, a very modern steering wheel, and similar modern-looking seats. Some of the interior components are made using renewable materials such as the flooring (derived from recycled fishnets), the fabric in the seats (made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled wool fibers), and several interior trims (made from vegan leather).


    Kia did not offer details specifications of the electric motors that will power the production version of the EV9, although the company said in a press release that it will be powered by a zero-emissions all-electric powertrain.

    “The Kia Concept EV9 is another important marker for us in what has been an incredible journey so far for the new Kia brand. Having made our intentions clear — to become a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions — we have had to carefully assess how the near- to medium-term future will impact every type of vehicle and model. This includes the SUV. In the Concept EV9, we are showcasing how the SUV of today can evolve to play a fundamental role in the sustainable mobility era. The nucleus of the Concept EV9 is a cutting-edge exterior design, a contemporary and innovative tech-based interior space, and an advanced all-electric powertrain. And these are the core principles that will shape our future SUV creations,” said Kia Global Design Center Head Karim Habib.

    The production version of Concept EV9 has been confirmed for the European market and is said to be released sometime in 2023.

    Photos from Kia

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