Lotus Advanced Performance division is part of brand's transformation into global performance brand


In a recent press release, Lotus announced its newly established design and experimental division dubbed Lotus Advanced Performance. The Geely-owned British automotive brand said that its new bespoke division is part of the significant developments in the ongoing transformation of Lotus from a UK sports car company to a global performance car business and brand.


  • Who will lead the new Lotus Advanced Performance division?

    Taking the role of Director for Lotus Advanced Performance is Simon Lane from Q by Aston Martin.
  • What services will Lotus Advanced Performance offer?

    The division's portfolio includes bespoke and limited-edition models, halo projects, motorsports, and experimental activities, as well as producing merchandise for Lotus customers and fans.
  • It even released a teaser photo which, Lotus said, hints at an exciting future project under its new team.

    Simon Lane, from Q by Aston Martin, will lead all the programs of the new Lotus division.


    “I have always been a Lotus fan, and this has to be one of the most exciting roles in the automotive industry right now — a blank sheet of paper and the opportunity to launch a completely new division at the world’s most ambitious car brand. The LAP team and I have some fantastic and truly innovative ideas with very broad appeal, for Lotus fans young and old to those in search of unique experiences and collectible opportunities,” said Lane.

    “Working in tandem with the hugely experienced Lotus Design team, and colleagues in our engineering teams around the world, we are going to build the most exciting and exclusive Lotus cars, embracing our exciting electrified future while also honoring our illustrious past,” added the Lotus Advanced Performance Director.

    The new Lotus Advanced Performance will offer a comprehensive range of services including bespoke creations, delivering limited-edition models, and working on halo projects to expand the brand’s portfolio.

    In addition, Lotus Advanced Performance will also handle the Lotus Driving Academy and the brand’s various motorsports activities. Experimental campaigns, such as factory tours and “money can’t buy” opportunities for customers and brand partners are all included in the division’s plate.


    Furthermore, Lotus Advanced Performance has been tasked to come up with a broad range of exclusive extras and merchandise for Lotus customers.

    “With high-profile success in leading the delivery of bespoke vehicles and world-class customer experiences, Simon Lane is the perfect person to lead Lotus Advanced Performance. This new division is an exciting addition to our business and another key element of our Vision80 transformation. With the Emira and Evija starting production in the coming months, Lotus Advanced Performance is another significant opportunity to enhance our brand and communicate direct with customers,” said Lotus Managing Director Matt Windle.

    Photos from Lotus

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