Lotus' Future Plans Include 2 New Sports Cars by 2020 and SUV by 2022

Lotus Evora Concept

UK sports car maker Lotus announced its plans for the immediate future, which include two new sports cars and its first SUV. These are the first new models announced since the brand was sold to China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group last year. Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales said that the sports cars are set to arrive in 2020, while the SUV will be launched two years later.

Lotus has never released a new car since the Evora, which it launched back in 2009. The company has also been in the red the last few years since consumer interest shifted more toward crossovers and SUVs. The company believes that the new releases will help them return to profitability.

Gales didn’t elaborate more on the new sports car models, but said that one of the new sports cars will sport an updated version of the company’s patented aluminum chassis. The other will receive a brand new carbon fiber monocoque body. Gales also added that one of these models will replace a current car in the Lotus family.

"We are very confident we can launch those sports cars in two years and beat the competition where we want to beat them," Gales said in an interview. "We will never be No. 1 in luggage space, but we will be in handling."

Gales also didn’t mention whether they will proceed with their plan to build the sports cars in Britain due to concerns over Brexit. As for the planned SUV, he confirms that it will build the car in China.

“I can imagine two places worldwide and I would love one to be in the U.K., but there are many things we need to discuss,” Gales said.

Lotus is the builder of the entry-level speedster Elise, the track-centric Exige, and the Evora, a direct competitor of the Porsche 911. It is also the maker of the 3-11, a roofless track car with supercar performance levels.

The planned carbon fiber car will likely be positioned above the Evora and aimed at buyers looking for a more extreme driving experience. Gales said it will share some similarities with the 3-11, but it will be road-legal.

“It will be something similar but much more civilized, because the 3-11 is pretty raw,” he said.

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