Maserati A6 1500 Gran Turismo turns 75


The Maserati A6 1500 Gran Turismo is celebrating its 75th anniversary. According to Maserati, the A6 1500 Gran Turismo was the first of its kind: a type of high-performance car, suitable for long distances and comfortable journeys.


  • When did the Maserati A6 1500 Gran Turismo make its debut?

    It made its debut on March of 1947.
  • How many A6 units were produced?

    There were only 58 A6 units produced.
  • tipo-a6-1

    The first A6 was produced by the Pininfarina Bodyshop in February 1947 and was equipped with mechanically operated retractable headlights and tubular chassis with circular cross-section components. It also had a plexiglass sunroof and a bonnet that could be raised from both sides or removed.

    The prototype made its debut in March 1947 at the Geneva Motor Show and was said to be “a model with a revolutionary spirit, the forerunner of a class of cars that had never been seen before.”

    It came to win numerous awards and recognitions, prompting Maserati to give the order to put the A6 into production. Unlike the prototype, however, the production model had a more conventional pair of headlights, framed in chrome plating. The Extra Lusso version also featured a new, more modern grille and larger side windows.

    The A6 1500 Gran Turismo had a limited run of only 58 units, produced in a span of over four years. It had gone through several makeovers such as the removal of the embossed trim from the front fenders and the addition of two rear seats.

    Despite its short lifespan, the A6 had such a positive impact on the brand. Its design inspired later generations of grand tourers just like the upcoming full-electric model Folgore.

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