Maserati Grecale’s global premiere moved to 2022


Maserati’s highly anticipated SUV was scheduled to make its global debut on November 16. However, due to background problems that have caused interruptions in the supply chains for the key components necessary to complete the car's production process, its much-awaited premiere has been moved to 2022.

According to Maserati, a shortage of semiconductors has caused the unfortunate rescheduling of the Italian luxury SUV's full unveiling.

“The quantity of production would not allow us to respond properly to the expected global demand,” Maserati said in a press release.


The new Grecale is set to showcase new groundbreaking features, particularly in the connectivity and human-machine interface areas, that will require the use of microchips which are regrettably unavailable as of the moment.

Maserati, as an automotive brand, is said to be always synonymous with innovation, passion, and unique style. Driven by these values, Maserati is still hard at work in spite of the component supply problems hitting the entire transportation industry and is determined to guarantee the continuity of its business.

The brand reiterates that it is dedicated to growth, which they say, will never change.

Photos from Maserati

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