McLaren Beverly Hills unveils final Senna XP commission


The fourth and final McLaren Senna XP was unveiled by the Beverly Hills branch of the famed British automobile brand. The bespoke commission was dubbed El Triunfo Absoluto or “The Absolute Triumph” in English.


  • What is the name of the fourth and final McLaren Senna XP?

    The last commissioned McLaren Senna XP was named El Triunfo Absoluto or “The Absolute Triumph” in English.
  • What event in Senna's career does the El Triunfo Absoluto celebrate?

    The El Triunfo Absoluto celebrates Senna's 1989 Formula One Mexican Grand Prix win.
  • According to McLaren, the commission was executed by the company’s bespoke division, McLaren Special Operations (MSO), and was a customer-led project. El Triunfo Absoluto “celebrates Ayrton Senna’s masterful racing achievements and was inspired by three previous McLaren Senna XPs in the same vein: Master of Monaco — a tribute to Senna’s six impressive wins at the iconic street circuit; Lap of the Gods, which highlights one of his greatest victories at Donington Park in the UK in 1993; and Home Victory, which pays homage to his incredible first ‘home win’ in Brazil in 1991,” McLaren said in a recent press release.

    Specifically, El Triunfo Absoluto is an homage to the 1989 Formula One Mexican Grand Prix, where Ayrton Senna led from pole position and secured the championship lead with his third straight win of the season.


    The livery of the McLaren Senna XP El Triunfo Absoluto features a Graphite Grey backdrop and has trims of Accent Red and Mexico Green found on the vehicle’s roof scoop, front service panel and sides, inside front fenders, door lowers, front light sockets, front and rear wheel arch vanes, and rear bumper.

    Other notable accents on the El Triunfo Absoluto’s exterior include Senna’s signature on the driver’s side in front of the light socket, Graphite Grey “Senna XP” logos on the door lowers, and the number one (1) painted in Anniversary White on the McLaren Senna XP’s Graphite Grey rear wing endplates.

    On the front fender, in stencil effect, reads “EL TRIUNFO ABSOLUTO,” expressing the name of the McLaren Senna XP theme.

    Eye-catching MSO Bespoke Gloss VCF Elements (which replaces standard exterior Satin VCF trims, except the roof canopy), MSO Bespoke Gloss VCF aero blades, MSO Bespoke Electroform Front Badge, an MSO Bespoke fuel cap (with the Mexican flag design), and the Anniversary White-painted center-lock wheel nuts round up the McLaren Senna XP El Triunfo Absoluto’s unique exterior.


    Meanwhile, the cockpit boasts a full MSO Bespoke Jet-Black leather interior complemented by Pure White and Bright Red stitched seat pad outers. Pretty much like the MSO Bespoke fuel cap, the headrest pads also feature a rendition of the Mexican flag with an embroidered “EL TRIUNFO ABSOLUTO” underneath.

    The standard interior VCF areas are replaced with a beautiful Green Tinted Gloss VCF, and further distinct features include the MSO Bespoke painted door struts painted in Anniversary White, Galvanic Grey brushed and polished interior brightwork, MSO Bespoke door sills, and an MSO Bespoke Extended Carbon Fiber Sills with a uniquely airbrushed depiction of Ayrton Senna on the podium in 1989.

    Other notable interior details found inside the McLaren Senna XP El Triunfo Absoluto include an MSO Bespoke steering wheel with Green Tinted Gloss VCF Upper and a special 12 o’clock marker of a Triple Center band in Mexico Green, Anniversary White, and Accent Red; an MSO Bespoke accelerator pedal with a laser-etched Mexican Grand Prix 1989 race track layout; and an MSO Bespoke dedication plaque etched with “EL GRAN PREMIO DE MEXICO DE 1989.”

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