Peugeot PH Launches 'Protectors of the Environment' Program

Peugeot Philippines has revealed a new initiative as part of its long-term strategy: The Protectors of the Environment (POE), a program designed to involve Peugeot customers and their children in a movement to combat climate change. It is the first major undertaking of Peugeot Philippines in corporate philanthropy and something uniquely its own that not even Groupe PSA--the French conglomerate which the Peugeot brand falls under alongside Citroën, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall--has a similar program. "Part of being a successful mobility company is making sure that sustainability is part of our policy," POE Program Director Dong Magsajo explained. "With POE, we are taking a vital step forward in this direction." Peugeot Philippines' Protectors of the Environment aims to fully immerse its participants in the issues and challenges facing environmental conservation. As a tropical island nation, the Philippines is at risk of becoming the most susceptible country to hazards brought about by climate change, according to a 2019 study by the Global Peace Index. "At this critical time, everyone needs to be aware of what is happening to our planet in order to make those critical decisions. And we are doing our small part in making sure that our customers and their children have every opportunity to create lasting change," Magsajo said. Under the program, all new owners of Peugeot will be given the option to join the cause by volunteering in annual tree-planting activities in various locations, including private parks of selected communities, public lands reclaimed by the city governments in Metro Manila, and a one-hectare space in the Angat Dam Reserve and Eco Park adopted and maintained by Peugeot Philippines. As part of the program, Peugeot Philippines commits to plant at least seven seedlings for each member, including the vehicle owner's children if they are enrolled with the program or their nominated next of kin if the vehicle owner has no children . Educational nature tours and seminars will also be held in partnership with selected government and non-profit organizations. Customers can also choose to participate in various international fora on climate change to enhance their understanding of the crisis on a truly global scale. Aiding Peugeot Philippines' efforts in these activities are the French Embassy, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the Briquettors Association of the Philippines. The launch of Peugeot Philippines’ green initiative is just a part of the brand's global and long-term sustainability strategy. With the advent of electrification and autonomous driving, Peugeot acknowledges the need to evolve. "We at Peugeot envision ourselves to be at the forefront of the electrification and autonomous driving movement. The e-Legend concept signifies our constant research into developing new ways to make mobility more efficient and environmentally conscious," Magsajo said. Climate change is upon us, and reinventing mobility is no longer enough to mitigate the damage it is causing. Peugeot Philippines promises to provide innovative products that have a reduced impact on the environment while at the same time, protect our declining ecosystems and ensure its survival for future generations. "We want our customers to realize that being a part of the Peugeot family is beyond just owning a vehicle. It means having the pride and honor of being a true steward of the environment," said Magsajo.

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