Peugeot to offer 3D-printed car accessories


In a recent press release, French automotive brand Peugeot reveals that it is reinventing car accessories with the use of 3D printing technology and a brand new flexible polymer. These accessories are a result of a joint effort by Peugeot’s Design, Product and Research & Development teams in collaboration with HP Inc., Mäder, and ERPRO.


  • Where can customers get the 3D-printed car accessories of Peugeot?

    Customers can purchase them at the Peugeot Lifestyle shop.
  • What accessories are available?

    Available accessories include sunglasses holders, can holders, and phone or cardholders.
  • According to the Lion brand, the accessories are 3D-printed using the new HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology allowing Peugeot to produce innovative products that are pleasant to the touch, light, solid and easy to use, and which enhance the interior well-being offered by the 308 and the latest generation Peugeot i-Cockpit.

    “The designers' objective at the start of the project was to create accessories that were visual, innovative, and crafted from modern materials. The range of accessories was drawn up after a detailed analysis of how customers use storage in the car. As traditional materials did not meet the specifications, the ‘Colors and Materials’ team within the Peugeot Design department worked with its partners to develop a more innovative material to suit this purpose. 3D printing was the obvious solution,” read Peugeot’s press release.

    3D printing adapts to the needs of an increasingly demanding and unpredictable market; all kinds of customized objects and accessories can be produced without needing expensive molds and manufacturing tools.

    Importantly, 3D printing is better for the environment and as such contributes to the brand’s quest for more sustainable manufacturing processes. Its use is becoming more and more widespread and is revolutionizing the manufacturing system across many industries.

    The 3D-printed car accessories are available at the Peugeot Lifestyle shop and include a range of accessories such as sunglasses holders, can holders, and phone or cardholders.


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