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Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition

Nowadays, being a called a "Tito/Tita" (uncle/aunt in Filipino colloquial slang) could mean a lot of things: you're either middle-aged, have a taste for recent-generation materials, or you're the type who dresses prim and proper. Well, if one has that kind of palate, Volkswagen will have its way with your gearhead lifestyle. Philippine roads are now filled with a lot of diminutive vehicles from the Japanese and even Korean car brands, among other contenders. This has given almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry a chance to have his own ride. But the Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition would help you run major thoroughfares in style--the way a “Tito/Tita” would.  

Volkswagen Beetle Club EditionSTYLING - 9/10


The black interiors--with more than a hint of fine leather on the seats, steering wheels, down to the armrests--complement the color of the dashboard and the body color accent and finish (for this case, white), exuding a very clean look and feel for the vehicle. Another blast from the past is the retro gauges but with modern conveniences such as the multi-function display, which could be accessed with the buttons at the steering wheel, which would show digital information like the odometer reading and even radio access.


The merge the of the old and new, which makes it a very "Tito/Tita" car, is very evident on the Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition. Just like any middle-aged man or woman who's into working out, the Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition may look like its older generations models it but it could show off more than a number of the new-gen vehicles. The Bi-Xenon headlamps gives the retro look of the vehicle some modernity.  

Volkswagen Beetle Club EditionENGINE/PERFORMANCE - 9/10

Performance-wise, the Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition could perform. With a 1.4 TSI engine mated to a seven-speed DSG transmission (giving the driver both manual or automatic gearbox), the Beetle Club Edition is said to deliver 158 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque. Based on company literature, 0-100 kph could be achieved at 8.7 seconds and has a top speed of 203 kph.  

Volkswagen Beetle Club EditionFUEL ECONOMY - 8/10

Fuel consumption is not that bad either. On a terrible traffic around the metro, the car clocked at about 9-13 kilometers per liter, which is at par with most sedans on the road. But unlike the latest models of some staple units from other manufacturers, the Beetle Club edition needs a push on the gas pedal a wee bit more to run.  

Volkswagen Beetle Club EditionFEATURES - 7/10

Speaking of date drive, the Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition makes every date drive a little more romantic as aside from giving two cup holders, it has elegantly placed a cute flower vase, at the upper right-hand corner of the cluster gauge, making the driver the perfect tito/tita to date. The Beetle Club Edition has been fitted with touch-screen multimedia radio with navigation and mirror link--keeping it in touch with today’s needs, much like a tito/tita with a firm grasp of the current trends. Aside from that, the eight-speaker infotainment system gives the music-loving tito/tita a cool, clear and crisp sound.  

Volkswagen Beetle Club EditionDRIVING IMPRESSIONS - 9/10

Apart from that, ride comfort can also be appreciated, as despite the wheel size, the suspension plus the seat position provides enough coziness, especially for those titos and titas who have back problems but enjoy driving around for coffee run—or maybe a good date drive. Some current features available in the market such as hill assist could also be fitted in the vehicle, so it seems that their some rolling when stopped on an uphill.  

Volkswagen Beetle Club EditionVERDICT - 8/10

The Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition has the beauty and the muscle unlike the usual offerings in the local automotive industry. If you're driving one, accessorizing your look with a wooden cane would definitely add more points in your tito/tita scorecard. While it provides comfort, the Beetle's leg room could be an issue for those passengers at the rear. But if you could get past that and its P1.79 million price tag and it could be tons of fun for the driver and the passengers, especially for those who would want to "go big" while staying sweet on a date.



  • A looker on the road
  • Perfect “date” car
  • Dapper-ish


  • Cramped leg room for tall passengers at the rear
  • Needs a little push on gas pedals
  • Pricing is on the expensive side at P1.79 million


STYLING - 9/10






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