Volvo EX90's tech suggests actions based on situations

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Volvo’s upcoming flagship all-electric sport utility vehicle (SUV), the EX90, will feature intelligent technology that would allow the vehicle to suggest actions based on situations.


  • Where will the actions (based on situations) be displayed on the vehicle?

    According to Volvo Cars, the actions suggested by the car based on the situation will be displayed on the vehicle’s large center screen.
  • How can the Volvo EX90 perceive the situation inside and outside the vehicle?

    Per Volvo Cars, the EX9 SUV can perceive the situation inside and outside the vehicle through its state-of-the-art sensors.
  • According to the Swedish carmaker, the Volvo EX90 will have a large center screen that will give drivers quick access to navigation, media, and their smartphones. Here they will be able to control common actions. Depending on whether the EX90 is parked or is moving, a special contextual bar will appear on the center screen to suggest the actions that make the most sense for the specific situation the driver is in.

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    For more driving-focused information, such as directions, current speed, and range info, Volvo revealed that there will be a second, smaller screen right behind the steering wheel.

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    “It’s all about providing you with the right information at the right time. We want your driving experience to be focused, simple and safe. Since the car also understands its surroundings and you better than ever before, we can create an even safer situation by reducing mode confusion, distraction, and information overload,” commented Volvo Cars User Experience (UX) Head Thomas Stovicek.

    Behind the intelligent technology will be a host of state-of-the-art sensors spread around the vehicle. These sensors will work together with Volvo’s in-house-developed software and the car’s central computing power. In unison, these systems will allow Volvo to gain a new level of understanding of the driver and the surroundings.

    “The ambition is that the car should be able to read each situation and provide you with contextual information based on that input,” said Volvo in a press release.

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