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Second hand motorcycles for sale

Susuki Motorbike

Owning a motorcycle, whether brand new or second hand, can save you greatly on time and energy, especially when navigating through the often congested roads of Manila on a daily basis. Because of their small build, motorcycles can traverse even the smallest metro alleys allowing its driver to constantly change routes to avert traffic.

The most common type of motorcycle in the Philippines is the business type model, which is used for commercial purposes. The tricycle, a modified motorcycle with a sidecar, is the most easily recognizable form of public transport in the countryside and in urban subdivisions. Other places in the Mindanao and Visayas modify motorcycles into habal-habals, a bike mounted with a wooden plank to carry more passengers.

Reasons for buying and selling second hand motorcycles

One of the reasons why motorcycles are being sold in the Philippines is due to the fact that the buying power of the middle classes has increased and they are therefore changing their service vehicles from motorbikes to vans. Others sell their motorcycles so they can afford a better styled motorcycle with better features.

Most private buyers buy second hand motorcycles so that they can be converted into tricycles, which can then be a source of extra income if they decide to rent them to trike drivers who do not own one.

Comparative pricing

MotorbikeThe price of a second hand motorcycle is considerably lower than its original price. As with all things, the process of wear and tear over time decreases its value. Once a motorcycle hits the road and registers its traveled distance in the odometer, its price can drop by as much as 20 percent.

In the Philippines, brand new business, cub, and scooter motorcycles range from P35,000 to P70,000 depending on the model and brand. Sports motorcycles are more expensive with a price tag starting at P100,000.

Used motorcycles that have been a big hit in the last five years include the Honda Wave 100, one of the cheapest bikes to be sold in the country; the Yamaha Mio 115, a beloved scooter model; the Suzuki Raider 150, and the affordable Kawasaki Fury 2009.

Comparatively, second hand motorcycles can be sold for as little as P15,000 depending on four primary factors: damages incurred by the unit, condition of the engine, registry in the odometer or mileage and its year of release.

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