Unheard of brand but a damn good motorcycle

Bristol BR 400i

I had never heard of Bristol prior to my friends suggesting that I check out the BR 400i motorcycle. I was skeptical but given that my friends really experts in the field of automobiles I went ahead with it. I tried out this motorcycle and I was thrilled with the performance of this motorcycle. Firstly, the cafe racer looks really tugs at my heartstrings because I really love it. Secondly, the performance is really nice and the ride quality is comparable to premium motorcycles. The 400cc engine gives this motorcycle a genuine kick and the ABS keeps that kick in check at times of emergency. I really love this motorcycle and I am now a proud owner of it for the last three months. Super happy with my purchase.


Gadiell Thursday Nov 11, 2021 12:35:29


Richard Lara on Tuesday Oct 26, 2021 09:08:39

Not really expensive for an expressway legal 400cc bike. The 400i is one of the most reasonably priced entry level big bikes in the market.

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