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Keeway Hyperbrusco 175

The Keeway Hyper Brusco-175 has come up with a new variant Keeway Hyper Brusco-175. A perfect daily commuter for city areas and on the highways. The variants have launched various variants of colors for the customers. The fully flat seat and the straight riding posture ensure a comfortable ride. The Keeway Hyper Brusco-175 engine is powerful for city rides, and it's lightweight making it very easy to handle by the rider. The 175 cc engine is frugal and keeps your fuel costs low. The maintenance cost of the two-wheeler is budget-friendly. Overall, the new Keeway Hyper Brusco-175 is an affordable bike, and you will enjoy every ride.


Julez Monday Aug 8, 2022 17:02:15

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Based on 7 Customer Reviews
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