An Upgraded Off-Riding Two-Wheeler

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

It's been three years that I have been using bikes in the adventure segment for off-riding. I have used adventure bikes from many manufacturers, including some prominent ones like Kawasaki. As I was looking forward to upgrading my ride, I decided to go with the new KTM1290-Super-Adventure-R. Sometimes there is a recognizable moment when you click with a motorcycle. That moment did happen right away on the 2022 KTM1290-Super-Adventure-R. Changes I found were the exhaust and intake tracts also contribute to the SAR’s continued power level. A new airbox, accessible by removing the small storage box ahead of the fuel filler, has been fitted with a vertically ribbed filter to clear sand to the bottom rather than trapping it in horizontal slats. These changes made my ride smooth and impressed me.


Miko Wednesday Aug 17, 2022 15:35:43

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