Stylish, compact, and aggressive!

KTM 85 SX 19/16

The KTM 85 SX 1916 has been my latest purchase from the house of KTM. Given my ride experience Enduro and Adventure series, I can admit that the automaker has left no stone unturned in carrying out a similar appeal in this compact off-roader. The bike is a great example of agility as it is lightweight, reliable, and can perform extremely well under multiple terrains. However, that's not all! My favorite aspect of the bike is its strong and reliable clutch, one of the best boons of the bike when you’re into adventure riding! Given all the factors of this bike, I feel that it is rightfully unique!


Dranreb Thursday May 19, 2022 17:25:51

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4.3 /5
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Based on 6 Customer Reviews
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