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Skygo Knight 150 RS

The brand-new Skygo Knight 150-RS is the newest entry of Skygo in the segment of road-sport. I was given this commuter by my father after I entered college in order to break all the transportation barriers and ride to college on my own bike. After using this commuter for almost a month, I can say that this bike caters to almost all needs of young commuters and this makes it perfect for the present generation. So far, it has met all my needs and requirements in terms of commuting and occasional off-roading as well. I think that the Skygo Knight 150-RS is the perfect commuter for youngsters who are in search of a stylish companion.


Geoffrey Thursday Jun 17, 2021 02:48:59

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Based on 2 Customer Reviews

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Based on 2 Customer Reviews
Knight 150 RS Reviews

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