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SYM Joyride 200i Evo

The Joyride stands up to its name and literally delivers a very enjoyable and joyous ride to its user. This scooter is a perfect urban companion as it offers exceptional comfort to the rider. The seat is very well padded and wide enough to offer you and the pillion a relaxed seating throughout the ride. The riding stance is very upright as well and the handlebars offer an excellent seating position and allow you to manoeuvre the bike nicely. I enjoy riding this scooter on open roads as its powerful engine allows me to easily touch the 100kmph mark. The wind shield works nicely to fend of the wind blasts to offer good comfort.


Espyke Sunday Feb 6, 2022 15:14:43

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4.3 /5
Based on 6 Customer Reviews

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Based on 6 Customer Reviews
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