Tried very hard to be like a BMW scooter failed miserably

SYM Maxsym 400i

I swear I can’t remember the name but this model looks a lot like one BMWs scooter. I hated the design of that which was still done well, so you can imagine how much I hate this cheap in quality knock-off. The performance and design are pretty bad and the asking price will drop your jaw as to how can it be that expensive? I am seriously unhappy with this scooter which is why I did not buy it, if in the future I am required to buy a scooter for my enemies I will still probably not buy it. The reason for my hatred is because you don’t get much out of the price you pay there is nothing in this scooter that justifies its pricing also it comes from an unknown brand more reasons not to buy this scooter.


jhaerix Thursday Nov 25, 2021 17:47:20

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