Saved myself from a wrongful purchase

FAW 270R10

I was in desperate need of a new truck urgently. I did not have a huge budget to go with so the options were few. I kind of liked the 270R10 from Faw and finalized that I wanted to get this model. I spoke to the dealership and asked them to bring one in for me urgently. Just on the day of the actual sale, the salesperson asked me about my business and what I was going to transport in these trucks. I told him that I planned on transporting heavy-duty cargo for long distances and I needed a truck immediately. He informed me that this mid-size truck was not suitable for heavy cargo shipping and they suggested a different model to me. I was lucky to have gotten the news before purchasing otherwise I would have wasted my entire budget and gotten a truck that was practically of no use to me.


Nathaniel Monday Dec 13, 2021 19:00:32

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