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New and Used Mercedes-Benz MB100 for Sale Philippines | Mercedes-Benz MB100 Price List 2017

Mercedes-Benz MB100 for sale Philippines | Mercedes-Benz MB100 price Philippines | Yellow Mercedes-Benz MB100


Commercial Motors Corporation brought the Mercedes-Benz MB100 to Philippine shores in 1996. Because of the spacious cabin it had, this van catered to different needs like being an ambulance and thus became a hit with its diesel variant selling more than its gasoline variant. Later on, the full size van demand in the country declined, and unfortunately, the MB100 was not an exception. The van was discontinued from the Mercedes-Benz line-up in 2003.

One of the strengths of the MB100 is its spacious cabin. But more than that, it offers a decent arsenal of features for you to make use of. Imagine what you can do with those! You can either use it for you and your family, or you can use it for a business like service or carpooling. Even a 2nd hand Mercedes-Benz MB100 van is a good choice for personal or business use. If you want to know the Mercedes-Benz MB100 specifications, features, or prices in the Philippines, read below.




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Mercedes-Benz MB100 Review in the Philippines

Mercedes-Benz MB100 Specs and Performance

The Mercedes-Benz MB100 has two engine variants: one gasoline and one diesel. The 2.9-liter 5-cylinder diesel engine can produce a maximum output of 105 hp and a maximum torque of 185 Nm at 2,400 rpm, while the 2.2-liter gasoline engine can deliver a maximum output of 130 hp and a maximum torque of 182 Nm at 4,000 rpm. Both engines have a fuel tank capacity of 75 liters. Powered by a front-wheel drive system, the diesel engine enables the MB100 to reach a maximum speed of 135 kph, while the gasoline engine enables the van to reach a maximum speed of 150 kph.

On the other hand, its suspensions consist of an independent wheel suspension with double wishbone and torsion bar spring for the front and a rigid axle with single parabolic spring for the rear. For safety, the brake system of the MB100 is composed of a front disc brake and rear drum brake with ALB.

Mercedes-Benz MB100 Fuel Consumption

The Mercedes-Benz MB100 is rated to have a fuel consumption of 7-11km/L when driven in city setting and a fuel consumption of 9-12km/L when driven in highway conditions. You can check out other Mercedes-Benz MB100 years and their fuel consumption rates below:

Second hand Mercedes-Benz MB100 fuel consumption:

  • Mercedes-Benz MB100 1998: 8.8 l/100km average rating
  • Mercedes-Benz MB100 1996: 10.0 l/100km average rating


Mercedes-Benz MB100 Features

Mercedes-Benz MB100 Convenience and Entertainment Features

Boredom hits us the hardest when we have nothing to do in a confined place. In other words, it’s a disaster when boredom strikes when we’re inside a car, especially for drivers. Passengers can sleep it off, while drivers cannot, lest we want the whole gang to arrive in Paradise! For a more enjoyable driving experience, the Mercedes-Benz MB100 van is equipped with several convenient features like a lower floor height for an easier vehicle access. Other features also include:

  • Power steering
  • Multifunctional Electronic Control System
  • Remote Keyless Entry System
  • Dual air conditioners
  • Deluxe stereo system
  • Individually-adjustable air vents


Mercedes-Benz MB100 Safety Features

Vans are meant for towing and lugging your passengers and their cargos alike so it is important to stay comfortable, especially if you’re in for a long and hard journey. But more than that, as the driver, you’re responsible for the safety of everyone aboard, so you should always prioritize safety among other things. You’ll be glad to know that the Mercedes-Benz MB100 is packed with different safety features that will surely give you a worry-free ride. Aside from its wide track that overcomes cornering lean and gives less vibration and sway, other safety features are:

  • FWD stable handling
  • Multi-reflection headlights
  • One-piece door frames
  • 1.3 box body
  • 5 mm x 90 mm impact absorbing omega frame
  • 3.2 mm thick steel rear bumper


Mercedes-Benz MB100 Design

Mercedes-Benz MB100 Interior

Step inside and you’ll see that the interior of the MB100 van is designed for convenience, comfort, and productivity down to the smallest detail. Combination switches for wiper, headlight, and other switches can be accessed at your fingertips, while button switches for emergency flashers and defroster can also be easily reached on the center dash. Other features found in the cabin also include:

  • Ergonomic instrument panel
  • Ergonomic center console
  • Conveniently-designed dash
  • Sliding door handles
  • Interior fluorescent lamps
  • Glove box


Mercedes-Benz MB100 Exterior

Designed to be “a leader in its field’, the overall design of the Mercedes-Benz MB100 van does a good job in combining class and comfort. Other than its great utilization, the van’s body also boasts of designs that provide additional safety. For your styling preference, you also have the option to choose from different colors for its exterior paint job. Some other exterior features of the Mercedes-Benz MB100 include:

  • Power windows
  • Liftgate mirror
  • Air spoiler
  • P195 radial tires
  • Optional aluminum alloy wheels
  • Attractive wheel covers


Mercedes-Benz MB100 Color Options

Want something different for your van’s paint finish? If you are interested, you will be glad to know that you have an option between six colors for the Mercedes-Benz MB100. Here are the exterior body colors offered for the MB100:

  • Cosmic Blue
  • Shallbru Purple
  • Smart Red
  • Heroic Blue
  • Solarized Silver
  • Grand White


Mercedes-Benz MB100 Price List in the Philippines

Unfortunately there are currently no brand new Mercedes-Benz MB100 vehicles available, but there are some 2nd hand Mercedes-Benz MB100 for sale in the Philippines. The following lists some used Mercedes-Benz MB100 prices in the country:

Second Hand Mercedes-Benz MB100 Price in the Philippines

  • Mercedes-Benz MB100 2003 price in the Philippines: P150,000
  • Mercedes-Benz MB100 2000 price in the Philippines: P270,000
  • Mercedes-Benz MB100 1997 price in the Philippines: P200,000
  • Mercedes-Benz MB100 1996 price in the Philippines: P360,000


Mercedes-Benz MB100 latest offers in the Philippines


Know more about Mercedes-Benz MB100 price list in the Philippines

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