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Porsche Boxster 2005 Manual Used for sale in Pasig. The Porsche Boxster runs on Gasoline and has a promo price of PHP 1450000. You will be hard pressed to find better value for your money elsewh...

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New and Used Porsche Boxster for Sale Philippines

Porsche Boxster for sale Philippines | Porsche Boxster price Philippines | Silver Porsche Boxster

There's something about Porsche. Alluring and mysterious, their cars have captured the imagination and attention of the public without even a semblance of resistance. And we're not alone here. Even celebrities like Ralph Lauren, Steve McQueen, JPaul Newman, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, James Dean, and Patrick Dempsey have been captivated by this car at one time or another. So when they released the new 2016 Porsche Boxster, we had to stop and take notice. Sleek, stylish, luxurious, and uber thrilling, this sports car is one of the reasons why Porsche's alluring mystique continues to thrive even today. If you're into sports cars with stellar handling, good fuel efficiency, and impeccably-designed interiors, then you'll definitely fall for the Boxster's charms.

Originally designed as a roadster car, its name was derived from the word "boxer", which is taken from the vehicle's flat or "boxer" engine. Its Spyder / Roadster variant (or open, convertible top) is called the Porsche Cayman, its name being derived from caiman, a reptile in the same family as the alligator. The first generation of the Boxster was first introduced in 1996, and was heavily influenced by the 1992 Boxster Concept. The second generation was unveiled in 2005, which was more powerful than its predecessor, was inspired by the Carrera GT. The third generation was launched in 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show, and its latest version, the 2016 Porsche Boxster Philippines has been renamed the Porsche 718 Boxster and Porsche 718 Cayman.



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Porsche Boxster overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
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The new Porsche Boxster 2016 in the Philippines Has Finally Been Revealed

Porsche Boxster 2016 in the Philippines

How is the 2016 Porsche Boxster different from the 2015 model?

The new 2016 Porsche Boxster now adds the Black Edition and Spyder variants to its family. The Black Edition resembles the base Boxster, while the Spyder pounces on a 911 Carrera S without any effort, making it the most powerful Boxster lineup today. The new Boxster also comes with new engines that deliver the powerful acoustics of a Porsche horizontally opposed unit.

  • Mid-engine concept
  • Reduced vehicle weight
  • Coasting function
  • Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)

What is new about the Porsche Boxster 2016 design?

In our opinion, it's hard to be humble when you're the 2016 Porsche Boxster. Extremely good-looking and sharp in all angles, it's really everything we want a car to look. Its striking design is well-balanced, while the rear end with accent trim now looks even wider than before. The cockpit that has been newly-styled for better comfort, with more extended colors to choose from.

  • V-shaped mirror base
  • Horizontal air intakes
  • Larger wheel arches
  • New exterior mirrors

What are Porsche Boxster 2016 specs and features?

What can we say? Is there anything else to improve upon something that's already so good? Porsche seems to think so. Now with new turbocharged, horizontally-opposed engines, this car explodes with power and considerably more torque, lower gas consumption, and high rpm limit.

  • SPORT button
  • Bi-Xenon main headlights
  • Auto start/stop engine switches
  • Sports exhaust system

What are Porsche Boxster 2016 prices in the Philippines?

The price for a new Porsche Boxster starts at almost P5 million. We know this can be daunting at first, especially for those who are scrimping on their savings like there's no tomorrow. Of course, we always say that you only live once, so why not splurge on a car that's so worthy of its value?

  • Porsche Boxster A/T Price: P4,700,000
  • Porsche Boxster S A/T: P5,700,000


Porsche Boxster Review in the Philippines

Porsche Boxster Specs and Performance

This car’s powerful engine can churn out 265 horsepower @ 6700 rpm and 206 ft-lbs of torque@ 4500 rpm. The Porsche Boxster has its engine mounted in the middle to create a perfect weight distribution from front to rear. The result is better balance in all corners. There are two engine options available: the standard 2.0-litre model that can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 5.1 seconds. The other is the 2.5-litre Boxster S, which reaches the same speed in 4.6 seconds.

Porsche Boxster Fuel Consumption

Porsche made the engines smaller to save fuel and lessen emissions, and it's remarkable how this car can get by with little fuel when driven on city roads. However, just like all sports cars, the Boxster chugs in a lot of gas when you rev up the engine – so be forewarned.

New Porsche Boxster fuel consumption:

  • Porsche Boxster 2016: 14.5l/100km
  • Porsche Boxster 2015: 13.2 l/100km
  • Porsche Boxster 2014: 11.4 l/100km
  • Porsche Boxster 2013: 10.2 l/100km

Second hand Porsche Boxster fuel consumption:

  • Porsche Boxster 2012: 10.1 l/100km
  • Porsche Boxster 2011: 10.1 l/100km
  • Porsche Boxster 2010: 12.5 l/100km
  • Porsche Boxster 2009: 1 l/100km


Porsche Boxster Features

Porsche Boxster Convenience and Entertainment Features

The Boxster has a firmer ride that is typical of a sports car, and with a sublime handling that one comes to expect from a Porsche model. It offers better control, preventing unstable leaning in corners for a better feel of the action. The adaptive suspension allows you to switch from normal to sports drive in a cinch, so get the best of both worlds.

  • 7" multi-touchscreen
  • Interior air filtration
  • Climate control
  • Porsche Communication Mgmt.
  • Electrochromatic inside rearview mirror
  • Dual vanity mirrors


Porsche Boxster Safety Features

The Porsche Boxster is packed with so many goodies -- and it didn't hold back with its safety features, as well. Some of the impressive ones that lead the pack include:

  • Park Assist
  • Remote anti-theft alarm system
  • Stability Control
  • Daytime running lights
  • Porsche Active Safe
  • Auto delay off headlamps


Porsche Boxster Design

Porsche Boxster Interior

The interiors of Porsche Boxster is fully-prepped for a sporty performance, and its emphasis on horizontal lines when they designed the dashboard gives it a striking, more attractive appearance. Its clean and intuitive design adds an air of luxury that only a Porsche can do -- and deliver.

  • Leather seats
  • Remote Keyless locks
  • 2 one-touch power windows
  • Trip computer
  • Tachometer
  • Sport front seats


Porsche Boxster Exterior

Precise, self-assured, and sleek, the design of the new Porsche Boxster model is more sporty, with distinct edges and clearly contoured lines to add a more powerful and strong stance. The horizontal air intakes are now wider for a more added bite, with the unmistakable Porsche wings that's an icon in itself.

  • Power convertible roof
  • Rear spoiler
  • 18" alloy wheels
  • Rear defogger
  • Performance tires
  • Variable wipers


 Porsche Boxster Color Options

The Porsche Boxster’s perfectly contoured external structure is complemented by the numerous colors that Porsche has made available to the public. Some of the available colors include the following:

  • Agate Grey Metallic
  • Carmine Red Metallic
  • Jet Black Metallic
  • Mahogany Metallic
  • Dark Blue Metallic
  • Racing Yellow


Porsche Boxster Price List in the Philippines

Carmudi Philippines has a plethora of new and 2nd hand Porsche Boxster for sale from different dealers listed on its website. You will surely find the right Boxster that suits your budget and personal preferences. Here are some average Porsche Boxster prices in the Philippines.

New Porsche Boxster in the Philippines

  • Porsche Boxster 2016 price in the Philippines: P4,700,000
  • Porsche Boxster 2015 price in the Philippines: P4,158,000
  • Porsche Boxster 2014 price in the Philippines: P3,750,000
  • Porsche Boxster 2013 price in the Philippines: P3,000,000


Second Hand Porsche Boxster Price in the Philippines

  • Porsche Boxster 2010 price in the Philippines: P2,750,000
  • Porsche Boxster 2008 price in the Philippines: P2,150,000
  • Porsche Boxster 2001 price in the Philippines: P1,150,000
  • Porsche Boxster 2000 price in the Philippines: P1,458,000


Porsche Boxster latest offers in the Philippines


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