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Toyota Estima 2000 Automatic Used for sale. The Toyota Estima runs on Gasoline and has a promo price of PHP 300000. You will be hard pressed to find better value for your money elsewhere. This i...

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New and Used Toyota Estima for Sale Philippines 2017

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The Toyota Estima is basically the Japanese-market name for Toyota’s perennial minivan, the Toyota Previa. Everything about the two is practically the same, save for a few exceptions, most notable of which is that the Estima is a right-hand drive, while the Previa is a left-hand vehicle. As you may have surmised, Estima minivans in the Philippine grey market are imports that have been knocked down and converted to left-hand drive units. Though there’s a certain risk with these types of vehicles, their affordability can often make the risk worth taking.

The Estima multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is still very much in production and available in its home country and in the markets it’s released in, but most of the ones available in the Philippines come from the second generation, which lasted from 2000 to 2005. To provide Filipino buyers with more relevant information, the details discussed here will be limited to the second generation- new and 2nd hand Estima Philippines.



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Toyota Estima Review in the Philippines

Toyota Estima Specs and Performance

The Estima was available in both gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines. The diesel engine was a 2.0-liter, 116 hp, 250 Nm performer, while the 2.4-liter gasoline counterpart yielded 156 hp and 225 Nm. Both engines came linked to a five-speed manual transmission as standard, although a four-speed automatic was an available option for the gasoline variant. Likewise, a 3.0-liter V6 engine and a hybrid version were also available.

As for driving impressions, steering is sharp and easy, and the interior is as comfortable as minivans can get. Unfortunately, performance is marred by a soft suspension, uninspired handling, and cushy ride. Though the Estima pulls decently at low speeds, it suffers when the engine is pushed.

Toyota Estima Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption for the Estima is quite average for a minivan, but considering how much the Estima weighs (2240 kg gross weight), the numbers become quite impressive. Take a look at the average fuel economy for some of the Estima’s recent year models:

New Toyota Estima fuel consumption:

  • Toyota Estima 2016: 8.1 l/100km average rating
  • Toyota Estima 2015: 10.6 l/100km average rating
  • Toyota Estima 2014: 9.0 l/100km average rating
  • Toyota Estima 2013: 9.0 l/100km average rating

Second hand Toyota Estima fuel consumption:

  • Toyota Estima 2005: 12.2 l/100km average rating
  • Toyota Estima 2004: 12.7 l/100km average rating
  • Toyota Estima 2003: 10.6 l/100km average rating
  • Toyota Estima 2002: 12.9 l/100km average rating


Toyota Estima Features

Toyota Estima Convenience and Entertainment Features

Spaciousness is the Estima’s greatest strength. The vehicle practically has an ‘aisle’ in the middle where the driver and front passenger can move to the rear seats with ease. Owners get seven plush seats (some versions have eight) that provide plenty of comfort. Other highlight features include:

  • AM/FM radio cassette player
  • Mini-disc player (optional)
  • DVD player (optional)
  • Back-up warning system
  • Flexible suspension design
  • Small 5.6-meter turning circle


Toyota Estima Safety Features

Toyota is known for putting a lot of thought on safety, and as such, the Estima is one of the safest minivans around. Like all upscale Toyota vehicles, the Estima is equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Brake Assist. Other standard safety features include:

  • Driver, front passenger, and side airbags
  • Seven 3-pt. ELR seatbelts
  • Parking radar
  • Front and rear monitor
  • Isofix bar
  • Alarm system


Toyota Estima Design

Toyota Estima Interior

The Estima has no fewer than 18 different storage compartments. Combine this with the vehicle’s luxurious spaciousness and seating, and you get a car that’s ultra-comfortable even for long drives. Though the luggage area doesn’t offer much, you can remove all the rear seats and have a cavernous 2929 liters of cargo space. Here are the other features to expect inside the Estima:

  • Power window
  • Power steering
  • Keyless entry
  • Removable seats
  • Seat lifter
  • Bench folding 3rd row seats


Toyota Estima Exterior

Minivans are not known for their sleek designs, but fortunately, the Estima breaks the mold. An aerodynamic design coupled with a shapely façade, bold headlights, and sexy curves free the Estima from the minivan stigma. Other nifty additions to the Estima exterior include:

  • Sunroof
  • Front and rear spoiler
  • Xenon lamps
  • Front and rear fog lamps
  • Ultraviolet glass protection
  • Electric sliding doors


Toyota Estima Color Options

The Estima managed to rack up a lengthy list of paint finishes in the five years of its second generation. Here are six of the bestselling options:

  • Beige Metallic
  • Black Mica
  • Champagne Metallic
  • Dark Green Mica
  • Dark Blue Mica
  • Grey Metallic


Toyota Estima Price List in the Philippines

As knock-down and built-up vehicles, the years listed on Toyota Estima minivans in the second hand cars for sale market are not really representative of their year of release. Rather, they signify when the car was converted from RHD to LHD. For your protection, make sure to inspect and test drive a new or 2nd hand Toyota Estima for sale thoroughly before you finalize your purchase, as these converted vehicles tend to have certain mechanical issues associated with them.

Carmudi has a good number of second hand Toyota Estima MPVs in its inventory. Find a used Toyota Estima near you that fits your needs and budget below:

Second Hand Toyota Estima Price in the Philippines

  • Toyota Estima 2008 price in the Philippines: P190,000
  • Toyota Estima 2005 price in the Philippines: P765,000
  • Toyota Estima 2004 price in the Philippines: P770,000
  • Toyota Estima 2002 price in the Philippines: P578,000
  • Toyota Estima 2001 price in the Philippines: P500,000
  • Toyota Estima 2000 price in the Philippines: P395,000


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