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New and Used Toyota Starlet for Sale Philippines

Toyota Starlet for sale Philippines | Toyota Starlet price Philippines | Starlet


The 1990s saw a surge in cheap Korean made cars that gave more established car brands a run for their money. Cars like the Kia Pride, Daewoo Racer, and Hyundai Elantra were extremely popular at that time. To turn the surging tide of sales enjoyed by these relative newcomers, Toyota made an effort to lure customers back with the affordable but considerably more durable Starlet mini-car.

The Starlet was available in two hatchback body styles, a three-door and a five-door. These in turn came in three different trims, with the three-door as the base model and two upper scale five-door models. Each trim gave the promise of quality, refinement, and reliability, even if they couldn’t match the price points of its Korean-made counterparts.

The Toyota Starlet was part of the Toyota lineup of vehicles until 1999. Though the vehicle’s design wasn’t meant to excite, it was never the car’s primary focus. Nevertheless, this is a car that won’t let you down, because with every Starlet, you can trust that build quality is always superior. Likewise, the top models of the last years were quite well-furnished. At the end of its lifespan, the Toyota Starlet was eventually replaced by the Echo and Yaris line in most countries.



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Toyota Starlet Review in the Philippines

Toyota Starlet Specs and Performance

The Starlet was equipped with a vibrant 1.3-liter 16-valve four-cylinder engine that delivered 84 hp and 118 Nm of torque. This was pretty good performance for its class. The Toyota Starlet engine was paired with either a 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission. Either options allowed the Starlet to perform its functions reliably and without fuss, although the 5-speed manual was the preferred option for many of the Starlet’s buyers. The Starlet’s road manners are refined, and a spritely performance is complemented by miserly fuel consumption. For those looking for a vehicle that’s economical, simple to drive, and easy to park, the Starlet scores heavily on all counts.

Toyota Starlet Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption for the Toyota Starlet hatchback was quite impressive. It isn’t unheard of for drivers to reach a whopping 40 MPG on an all-highway trip. Below is a list of fuel consumption averages for the Toyota Starlet in some of the years of its release:

Second hand Toyota Starlet fuel consumption:

  • Toyota Starlet 1998: 25.5 MPG average rating
  • Toyota Starlet 1997: 32.0 MPG average rating
  • Toyota Starlet 1996: 28.5 MPG average rating
  • Toyota Starlet 1994: 37.2 MPG average rating


Toyota Starlet Features

Toyota Starlet Convenience and Entertainment Features

Very few criticisms were leveled at the Starlet when it was launched. Most of these gripes centered on the cabin’s size—the rear room was thought to be insufficient for adults, and the boot size was said to be too small. Apart from these relatively minor complaints, the Starlet garnered a lot of high praises. The hatchback’s highlights included the following features:

  • Power steering
  • Tilt adjustable steering column
  • Radio cassette sound system
  • Rear headrests
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Headlights ‘on’ reminder
  • Central door locking system


Toyota Starlet Safety Features

Safety features inside the Starlet were initially considered average until 1992, when Toyota upped the little car’s safety features, starting with the introduction of side impact beams. Here are the safety and protection equipment to expect from this sturdy little car:

  • Driver and front passenger airbag
  • Side impact bar
  • Brake Assist
  • 3-pt. safety belts
  • Central power window control
  • Child car restraints


Toyota Starlet Design

Toyota Starlet Interior

Inside the Starlet, the Toyota reputation for quality shines through—the fit and finish of the interior is definitely much better in comparison to its Korean upstart rivals. The quality of the plastic components are obvious. Key features that made the Starlet a strong contender for the compact hatchback segment during its time include:

  • Power windows
  • Rev counter
  • Cup holder
  • Driver’s footrest
  • Keyless entry
  • Auto reverse cassette player


Toyota Starlet Exterior

What’s true inside also holds true outside, as the Starlet’s definition of build quality is certainly better than the competition in its class. Doors closed confidently solid with an obvious ‘thunk,’ and the paint finish is deep and intensely reflective. Mechanics hold the Starlet in high regard, as even those from the first generation that are in pristine condition have very few faults. Other nifty touches to the Starlet’s outer shell include:

  • Halogen headlights
  • Power-adjustable door mirrors
  • Ultraviolet glass protection
  • Intermittent wipers
  • Body-colored bumpers
  • Power windows


Toyota Starlet Color Options

The Starlet was available in a wide range of paint finishes throughout its lifespan. Here are six examples of the colors that the Starlet came in:

  • Black Metallic
  • Bluish Silver Metallic
  • Dark Green Metallic
  • Red Mica Metallic
  • Purplish Blue Mica Metallic
  • Super White


Toyota Starlet Price List in the Philippines

The Starlet has managed to retain its value well, with cars from the 1980s able to pull buying costs around the P200,000 range. Even higher mileage cars in less than good condition manage to fetch a price above P150,000 give or take. If the previous owner followed Toyota’s service recommendations, a 2nd hand Toyota Starlet can do 300,000 km plus without any significant issues. Expect to pay more for five-door top-of-the line variants. Carmudi works with plenty of 2nd hand cars for sale dealers to give you the best Second hand Toyota Starlet for sale options in the market.

Second Hand Toyota Starlet Price in the Philippines

  • Toyota Starlet 2006 price in the Philippines: P190,000
  • Toyota Starlet 1998 price in the Philippines: P180,000
  • Toyota Starlet 1997 price in the Philippines: P167,000
  • Toyota Starlet 1996 price in the Philippines: P158,000
  • Toyota Starlet 1994 price in the Philippines: P150,000
  • Toyota Starlet 1981 price in the Philippines: P150,000


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