10th PEVS: LEV firms participate to underscore offerings' capabilities


The 10th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS) did not only serve as a platform to showcase the country’s best electric cars front and center, it also shared its spotlight with vehicles running on either three or two wheels. These include light electric vehicles (LEVs) like e-trikes and e-bikes from companies such as Developer of Electric Conveyances Corporation (DECC).


  • What are the products of DECC?

    DECC has two e-trikes, the Yuvan and the Vihari.
  • What are the products of Hatasu Philippines?

    Hatasu Philippines’ product range consists of the Kumi and the Mako.
  • DECC’s lineup consists of the Yuvan and the Vihari.

    DECC President Arthur Tuason shared with Carmudi Philippines that the Yuvan (photo below) is imported as a completely built unit (CBU) while the larger Vihari is assembled here in Pampanga using parts imported from China.


    Both e-trikes are aimed at different market segments, Tuason added.

    The smaller Yuvan is built for private use and can seat two passengers plus one driver. Meanwhile, the Vihari was developed for commercial use with six seats for passengers and one for the driver.

    “Here they are seated comfortably and safely inside the unit,” Tuason commented while explaining the advantages of the Vihari (photo below) over traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) tricycles.


    DECC’s e-trikes, Tuason boasts, are Land Transportation Office (LTO)-approved.

    Tuason notes that while the Vihari is aimed at the local public utility vehicle (PUV) sector, they also get orders for the seven-seater e-trike from hotels, resorts, and subdivisions.

    “It offers the convenience of safe driving to a wider variety of people,” he adds.

    Speaking of orders, Tuason mentions that they now have sold over 120 units of Vihari e-trikes and around 300 units of the more compact Yuvan.


    Hatasu Philippines is another LEV company that presented its products at the 10th PEVS. Its product range is made up of the Kumi e-bike and the Mako e-trike. So far, the company has sold around 50 units of electric motorbikes according to Hatasu Philippines’ RJ Mondez.

    Photos from Paulo Papa and Developer of Electric Conveyances Corporation (DECC)

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